Mini-Haul: Cheers for Tonymoly!

Hi again!

Today’s post is about what I got during my first ever in person K-beauty shopping experience! Since I live in a tiny little town, k-beauty hasn’t made it here yet (let’s be real most trendy things haven’t). However, I was recently in Dallas, TX and was able to check out quite a few Korean stores and restaurants. I’ll write a post about the entire experience later 😉 But for now let’s check out what I got from the Tonymoly store in Carrollton, Texas! Continue reading “Mini-Haul: Cheers for Tonymoly!”


Review: Enprani Delicate Radiance Blusher

044Hi beauty people! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Delicate Radiance Petal Blusher by the Korean brand Enprani. For some background, Enprani is a mid-tier skincare and cosmetics brand which fuses technology and biology to create quality products. All of their products are made in South Korea.
Now let’s get down to the review. Continue reading “Review: Enprani Delicate Radiance Blusher”


What’s Up Interwebs?

Hey, I’m Kendra and this is my first blog post! You can read more about me and my blog on the page titled you guessed it “About Jolie GZBella!” But for now, I just wanted to say hi and talk about how I’m super excited to start my blogging adventure. It’ll be fun……hopefully. I am really hoping to share some knowledge, meet some new people, and force myself to adopt some more 21st century ways… you know like using technology and talking to people, stuff like that. I can be really random, excitable, and tend to try to be funny even when I’m not. I can also be a bit shy, and I’m hoping doing this will be an interesting step towards putting myself out there more. I love traveling, music (K-pop might be taking over my life), Disney, shopping, and spending time with my family (conversations with my dog included). I also will probably continue to over share! But overall, I promise I’m not that bad. So if I haven’t already creeped you out you’re interested, hopefully you will stick around to read some stuff about beauty, fashion, and the like!