Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water Review

Hello all! I finally have a new skincare product to review again. The last time I was beauty shopping, I was running low on makeup remover. I had also been reading so much about cleansing waters. So I decided to try both of those things with the  Root Energy Cleansing Water by the Memebox private label brand Nooni. This Korean cleansing water promises gentle cleansing and makeup removal and even the ability to use it as a makeup brush cleaner! I’ll be doing an in depth review with photos and a little video to show how this product works! Continue reading “Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water Review”


My First Memebox! Hope Girl Haul and Mini-Reviews

Edit June 18, 2017: Memebox is no longer selling products direct on their website 🙁 I’m still keeping this post up though because of the overview of the Hope Girl products, which I still enjoy.

Hello again beauty lovers! So I’ve been a fan of Memebox for a while. I get so many of my Korean skincare and Korean makeup products from there. Still, I usually buy the products individually, so I’m excited to have finally gotten my first box! I decided to get the Hope Girl box, since I’d never tried anything by them and I was in need of a new makeup primer. It came with 5 full-sized products from the brand! Keep reading to see an overview of the Memebox box and mini-reviews of a few of the included products. Continue reading “My First Memebox! Hope Girl Haul and Mini-Reviews”


Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Review

Hi all! No, I’m not about to talk about wine in this post (though I do love wine). I will be talking about the most adorably packaged beauty product I have seen in a while: the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint! Labiotte is an Korean brand which focuses on botanic based ingredients in their products. They also support the ideas of overall wellness and sustainability. The Chateau Labiotte Wine Tint promises long-lasting color as well as intense moisturization without a sticky feel. Let’s see if it is more than an incredibly cute container! I’ll be testing the color Nebbiolo Red. Continue reading “Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Review”