Skin79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser Review

Hi and welcome to the first beauty related post on the new site! I’ve been adding a number of new products to my skincare routine as I’ve been running out of the old ones. I’ve also noticed that my skin has been a bit finicky and that I’ve needed to pair down a bit. In tune with that, I’ve been using the Skin 79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser in the Adlay variety. One of several things which make this cleanser different is that provides a two-in-one product for your double cleanse! The cleanser claims to be able to remove dirt and build-up from the face while also moisturizing and brightening the complexion. Let’s see how it fared! Continue reading “Skin79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser Review”


Let’s Talk About Fetishization, Growth, and the New Site!

Hello to everyone reading this!

While this site name just debuted, you’ll probably notice that there is already a good amount of content here over a few years. That’s because this blog isn’t actually new! I’m writing this post to explain a bit why and to give the few subscribers I have a rundown of the changes and a chance to resubscribe!

First Things First: The Name Change Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Fetishization, Growth, and the New Site!”