Life, Loss, and Turning 25

Hey there! So this will be a bit of a different post. I took a moment last year to write out some of my thoughts and wanted to share. I did this once before with my mental health post and will do it again here. Reading the first one might give you some context for this one:

October 31, 2017

So I turned 25 this week. I’ve always thought of it as an important age. A quarter of a century. An adulty adult age. More-so than 18 or even 21. It’s the age when I thought I’d have my life together (or at least more together) have figured out who I am a bit more and would be on my way in my career, possibly my love life, and just all together following my dreams. That’s not how it has turned out though. I’m not sure what to make of this stage of my life right now. Continue reading “Life, Loss, and Turning 25”