Anskin Eco-Cup Modeling Mask Review

Hello all! Today, I’m reviewing the Anskin Eco-Cup Modeling Mask! Modeling or rubber masks are among the more recent skincare goodies taken straight from the spa and turned into an at home treatment. You mix the ingredients to create an at home peel off mask. Anskin has 4 varieties of this mask (I bought three 🙂 ). I’m reviewing the Bbuckga (쀽가) Lifting and Detox version. It promises to deep clean skin to remove toxins while increasing skin elasticity. Let’s see how it worked!


Each of the Eco-Cups has adorable packaging. It is reminiscent of a to-go coffee cup, but still adorable with the colorful almost comic book style graphics. In the Bbuckga version, I’m of course partial to the cute character with medium dark skin and a pink bob. Here’s to better skin tone representation and neon hair! Each cup comes wrapped in exterior plastic. Inside, you’ll find the liquid activator and powder as well as a spatula applicator. The Bbuckga one is pink! The description and other writing are entirely in Korean.


One thing I immediately loved about this modeling pack was that everything is included. To use it you simply dump the powder into the cup, add the liquid activator, and mix. It doesn’t require any measuring or separate container. The product itself has a consistency and smell similar to vanilla cake batter. It kind of made me hungry while I was using it! So if you are sensitive to fragrance or trying to cut back on sweets that might be a downside.

Ingredients-wise the modeling pack has gold (cause luxury), collagen, green tea extract, gotu kola, and allantoin. Collagen helps keep the skin firm and elastic. Green tea extract is known for being an antioxidant and can help fight free radicals in our skin. The chemical compound Allantoin softens skin. It can also help with moisturization. Lastly, gotu kola has a long list of benefits. It’s been shown to not only strengthen skin but also help heal wounds, stimulate new cell growth, and increase collagen (more about gotu kola here)!


For my first time using a modeling pack, the experience went pretty smoothly. At first it seems like a lot of product for one application, but forming a thicker layer is better. The only difficulty was getting it spread around my nose. I like that it doesn’t dry extremely quickly, so you have a decent amount of time to spend applying it before the product becomes solid.

It was actually much more comfortable to use than mask packs I’ve used before. As it became solid, I never had the feeling that it was hardening or that I couldn’t move or my face was going to crack! Peeling it off was easy and pain free. Just be careful not to get it in your hair! I wasn’t quite careful enough while applying and got some bits lodged in my  hairline and eyebrows. Any stray pieces that don’t peel off in one swoop can be easily removed by gently rubbing them or using a damp cloth.


I loved the results of this product! I was amazed by how soft and smooth my skin felt after removing it. My skin was also more radiant and more toned. The one down-side was that it didn’t provide any noticeable moisture from my experience. That being said, the benefits I noticed lasted about 3 days. In the future, I think I’ll model mask one night and then sheet mask for moisture the next! Here are some pics of my results:


After Use:

Next Morning:

Final Thoughts

I am completely happy with this product! It is convenient with the all inclusive packing and mixture and effective. I’m glad I got a few. If you are looking for a firming and smoothing skin pick me up, I would definitely recommend it!

Have you ever tried rubber masking? Do you have a favorite masking technique (rubber, mud, sheet)? Let me know or ask questions in the comments! As always, thanks for reading and until next time bisous!





2 thoughts on “Anskin Eco-Cup Modeling Mask Review

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for subjecting yourself to the extent that you do to help others benefit in their decision making with choosing skin care products.

    • Kendra Janelle says:

      Awe thank you! I’m glad to offer what personal experience I can but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun trying all the different products! 🙂

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