Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub Review

Hey! So I finally am getting to my first in a series of reviews of products from Beauty Bakerie! I’ll be talking about their Sugar Lip Scrub today. It’s advertised as a lip scrub to help soften and smooth the lips while also being a moisturizer! Let’s see how it worked!


All of Beauty Bakerie’s packaging is adorable and this product is no exception! It comes in a cute pink box with sky blue and white accents. The lip scrub jar is made from frosted glass and has a white lid with the Beauty Bakerie script in pink on the top. The jar is clearly well made and thick because you can feel the weight of it. The exterior box also has a brief description, instructions and ingredients list on the sides.


This sugar lip scrub is just as described. I’ve used lip scrubs before but really like this one because the texture is a bit smoother than previous ones I’ve tried. This one is neither harsh or super grainy. It also has moisture to it for a more pleasant application. The moisture also has the benefit of making it harder to dry out (which was my gripe with the last lip scrub I used). The thing that is most notable to me about this lip scrub is the scent. It smells like sweet vanilla! Like vanilla clouds floating on a fresh sweet heavenly breeze.. It is so great that the first few days I had it I kept opening the jar just to smell it lol!


I’ve been really happy with the results of this scrub. For those who don’t know, if my face were the world my lips would be the Sahara desert. It doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink or how many different lip balms I try, my lips are pretty much always dry AND flaky. While this scrub hasn’t been a cure all, it has helped me get rid of those flaky patches while moisturizing overnight! I still need to moisturize throughout the day but it is soooo much better. I can finally…maybe….wear matte liquid lipstick without looking a fool. Here’s some pics of the before and after. Also note that this before were actually done on a “good” lip day:

Before Scrub

Next Morning

Final Thoughts

lip scrub applied as moisturizer

I really like this lip scrub. It has helped my lips quite a bit and is easy and effective. The biggest downside of this scrub to me is the price. At $12 for a jar that only has 5 grams (0.18 oz.), it’s a bit more than I’d typically spend. The bright side is you don’t need a lot to get the desired effect. I’ll probably keep an eye out for a less expensive version but overall would recommend this product if you don’t mind dropping some extra cash on it! You can find the Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub at their site here.

How do you feel about lip scrubs? Do you have a go-to for keeping your lips moisturized? Leave your thoughts in the comments and as always thanks for reading and bisous!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub Review

  1. Esther says:

    Looks yummy! Too bad I can’t get their products in my country.

    btw, I’ve had the driest most cracked lips for awhile, tried all lip balms and at the end the one that really cured my lips costs 2$!! I buy it on iHerb: https: //
    I really think you should try it, it’s all natural and has sun block and really made a difference for me!

    • Kendra Janelle says:

      Hi Esther! That’s too bad you can’t get Beauty Bakerie 🙁 Thank you for the lip balm suggestion though! Moisturizing plus sunscreen sounds like a win!

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