Beauty Bakerie Mini-Haul and Swatches!

Hey Everyone! So Beauty Bakerie is one of those brands that I’ve been following on Instagram for forever and had been dying to try! So when they had a sale earlier this summer I took the plunge and bought one of their Makeup Kits, an EyesCream eye shadow, and a loose glitter. I’ll be giving some of my first impressions of the brand as well as product pics, descriptions, and swatches after the jump!

About Beauty Bakerie

the box my sweets came in!!!

Beauty Bakerie is a black-owned makeup brand that was created by Cashmere Nicole. The aesthetic behind her brand is creating products that are cute and sweet in contrast to the bad girl vibe that we see so often in branding. And let me just say that the products are adorable! Each makeup category and even many of the product names are inspired by baked goods and desserts! You’ll also find a lot of lovely pinks and blues  in their packaging. The colors reminds me of an old fashioned sweet shop or ice cream parlor! As far as colors go, you find everything from pretty pinks and neutrals to rich tones and metallics in a range of products from their signature Lip Whips to their their GELato eye liners and their So Icy illuminating highlighters!

Product Rundown

So when I bought some products earlier this summer, I tried to get a range of things to try. I got:

  • a Metallic Lip Whip called Dream Cake (my primary reason for purchasing)
  • a Matte Lip Whip in She’s Just Jelly
  • their Lip Whip Remover
  • an EyesCream eye shadow in Soiree Parfait
  • Sprinkles Glitter in Grey
  • and their Sugar Lip Scrub

First up for a description is their Sugar Lip Scrub, and can I just say that it smells divine!!! Like a mini vanilla heaven. I’ll also add that even though I wouldn’t recommend eating it not being well versed in the ingredients, it actually tastes kind of good! And most importantly it works! I tend to have perpetually chapped lips and this lip scrub has really helped!

Dream Cake Lip Whip
Lip Whip in She’s Just Jelly

Second up are the two lip whips. Dream Cake is a beautiful metallic liquid lipstick that is a mix between a rosy pink and rich lilac purple. I’ve been obsessed with it and was so glad to see it offered in a kit that I really liked! What’s better though is that Beauty Bakerie has started selling it as an individual Lip Whip so you can now get it without buying a prepacked set! The second shade I got was She’s Just Jelly. It’s a deep rich plum burgundy shade. If you’re into a matte dark lip color this is the Beauty Bakerie shade for you!

I’ve seen lots of videos about the longevity and incredible staying power of Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whips. They are supposed to be both  smudge-proof and water-proof. I haven’t tested them fully in that regard but will do so when I do a full review!

Speaking of how tenacious their Lip Whips are, that’s why they offer a specific Lip Whip Remover. This was another product that was a part of the makeup kit I bought. They come as oil based pre-soaked individual wipes in a package of 50.  In addition to removing your Lip Whip, they are supposed to moisturize you lips as well! I imagine these are good to pick up if you don’t already have a oil-based makeup remover. I used one to remove my Lip Whip swatches and it worked just fine. I’ll add that the typical cleansing water I use to remove my makeup didn’t budge them at all!

Next up is their EyesCream eye-shadow! The shade Soiree Parfait is a subtle cool toned pink with a cool toned almost golden glimmer. Just like the Lip Whips these are supposed to be smudge-proof and water-proof as well as crease resistant. I got this shade to see if i can try some more cute creases and add options for more toned down makeup looks!

Lastly, I got their Sprinkles Glitter in Grey. It’s a loose glitter with a grey base with bits of silvery shimmer. The color is super pretty and I can’t wait to see if I can do some glitter eyeliner with it!


Okay so first off, don’t laugh too hard at my sad little heart swatches! (yes they’re supposed to be hearts…). I tried to be cute with this and clearly I failed *insert cry laughing emoji* I should have set the bar a bit lower given that my straight swatches aren’t even perfect! From left to right are the lip whips in She’s Just Jelly and Dream Cake then the Soiree Parfait EyesCream shadow:

For this swatch, of the Grey Sprinkles I used a simple mixing medium (Inglot’s Duraline) and not a glue. So if they stay even this much with no glue, I imagine they’ll look amazing with actual glitter glue! It also looks wonky because that swatch was supposed to be a heart too and then it went left and I was like “I’m not wasting the glitter I already put down”. I tried (keyword tried) to salvage it, so that’s why we got a sad not fully filled square…don’t judge me….

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really loving Beauty Bakerie’s colors, packaging, and branding! I’ll be doing full reviews for the products here (except the glitter) for anyone wanting a more in depth look at how they function. The first one I’ll be doing is for their Sugar Lip Scrub. I’ll come back here to add links to the full reviews as I post them! In the meantime, you can shop Beauty Bakerie’s site here!

Have you guys tried anything from Beauty Bakerie? Which product of theirs would you like to try or is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! As always thanks for reading and bisous!



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