Buffing for Beauty: Why You Need to Exfoliate

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So today’s post is part skincare tip & part review. I’ll be talking about exfoliating your skin and why it is so necessary. Lastly, I’ll tell you a little about my favorite exfoliator Skinfood‘s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask! Let’s get started with some basics.

What is Exfoliating?

Skin exfoliation at its simplest is pretty basic. It is simply a process by which the old, dead skin cells on top of your other layers of skin are removed. Anyone who has ever used a scrub or had a facial has exfoliated their skin. This leads into the next point. Exfoliation can be either mechanical or chemical. Mechanical exfoliation uses an abrasive surface or product to remove the dead skin. Think a sugar scrub or facial brush. Chemical exfoliation uses a chemical reaction from specialized ingredients to loosen the bonds in dead skin for easy removal. (Don’t confuse chemical exfoliation with chemical peels they aren’t the same) Salicylic acid, retinol, and lactic acid are examples of chemical exfoliants.

Why is Exfoliating Necessary?

There are a couple of reasons why if you aren’t exfoliating you are doing your skin a disservice. First, not getting rid of your dead skin leaves your face looking dull and lacking radiance. Think about it….dead skin. Nothing that is dead tends to look so good. Next, since your skin has layers, while that dead skin is sitting on the top a fresher and living layer is being smothered underneath. Let your new skin breathe, your face will appreciate it. Lastly, exfoliating helps clean out your pores. Without proper exfoliation, your pores will be more clogged with pollution, oil, even dead skin that isn’t removed than if an exfoliator is used. This can lead to irritation and breakouts!

Which Method is Better?

The answer to this question isn’t going to be the same for everyone since everyone’s skin is different. In general, if you have skin that tends to skew towards the oily end of the spectrum a physical exfoliator will be better. They should be avoided by those who struggle with acne though. A chemical exfoliator is much better suited to that. Be aware that some people’s skin might become slightly red and irritated immediately after a chemical exfoliation. This is especially true if the chemical being used is too concentrated within the solution. So if going with the chemical method, start with a product with a low concentration of the exfoliant to see how your skin reacts first. You can slowly increase the concentration after gauging your skin’s sensitivity. Conversely some people’s skin is sensitive to the abrasive nature of some mechanical exfoliators.

My Favorite Exfoliator

As a gal with combination skin bordering more towards oily, I choose mechanical exfoliators all the way. My favorite right now is Skinfood’s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask. As the name implies, it uses granules of black sugar as the abrasive. What I really love about this product is that it exfoliates while moisturizing. It also smells AMAZING!!! I also love that it can be used as a face mask. You just rub it onto moist skin for about a minute to exfoliate and then sit and relax for 10-15 minutes with it as a mask. This is when the fragrance truly shines! I’ve been using it twice a week for a while now and it has been making my skin so much softer and more evenly textured. You have to use it consistently though. To get the best effect from any exfoliator, you need to use it at least once a week unless you have really sensitive skin.

That’s all for today’s post. If you want more in-depth information about different exfoliators for your particular skin type the Byrdie.com has a great article here. Some of their options are a bit pricey, but they give great tips on exactly what to look for even if you don’t want the recommended products. Until next time. Thanks for reading and bisous <3





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