Life, Loss, and Turning 25

Hey there! So this will be a bit of a different post. I took a moment last year to write out some of my thoughts and wanted to share. I did this once before with my mental health post and will do it again here. Reading the first one might give you some context for this one:

October 31, 2017

So I turned 25 this week. I’ve always thought of it as an important age. A quarter of a century. An adulty adult age. More-so than 18 or even 21. It’s the age when I thought I’d have my life together (or at least more together) have figured out who I am a bit more and would be on my way in my career, possibly my love life, and just all together following my dreams. That’s not how it has turned out though. I’m not sure what to make of this stage of my life right now. Continue reading “Life, Loss, and Turning 25”


My Rediscover and Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Days 4-7

Hi everyone! I know I have gotten super behind with this post. I had some problems with my nose piercing so I haven’t been wearing makeup for a few weeks and then on top of that I’ve been feeling really unwell. Now though, I’ve finally gotten all of my looks finished and will show them here! For anyone who doesn’t know what this post is about, I challenged myself to take one of my old barely used eye shadow palettes and use it in my makeup looks for 7 makeup days in a row. You can check out the palette and challenge details in my first post here. Let’s get onto the final looks! Continue reading “My Rediscover and Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Days 4-7”


My Rediscover & Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Intro & Days 1-3

So you know how a lot of us who are into makeup and beauty have those products that sit unused collecting dust? Maybe you didn’t like it as much as you thought you would and threw it to the side. Or maybe you got distracted by all your new products and took a longer than expected break from it. Maybe you literally didn’t remember you had it!  It’s something that I’ve noticed more and more as I’ve continued buying newer things. So I decided, wouldn’t it be fun to try to put some of my forgotten products to use?!? That’s how I came up with what I’m calling my Rediscover & Reuse It Makeup Challenge! Continue reading “My Rediscover & Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Intro & Days 1-3”


Let’s Talk About Fetishization, Growth, and the New Site!

Hello to everyone reading this!

While this site name just debuted, you’ll probably notice that there is already a good amount of content here over a few years. That’s because this blog isn’t actually new! I’m writing this post to explain a bit why and to give the few subscribers I have a rundown of the changes and a chance to resubscribe!

First Things First: The Name Change Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Fetishization, Growth, and the New Site!”


My YesStyle Fashion Haul Review/Experience & Fashion Pics!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry that I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues in the beginning of this year and some personal stuff as well. I’m hoping to be on here a bit more now that I’m feeling better. I’m still trying to balance this with running my Etsy store so we’ll see! 🙂

That being said, I’ve been slowly adding more fashion content to my Instagram and I thought it would be fun to do a fashion post on here too. I’ll be sharing my experience buying clothes from YesStyle for the first time as well as sharing my thoughts on the products and some pics of how I’d wear them! Not all of these items are still for sale, but I hope it’s still a fun post that gives you an idea for a few brands on YesStyle and the overall shopping experience. Let’s get to it! Continue reading “My YesStyle Fashion Haul Review/Experience & Fashion Pics!!!”


Learning to Love & Rediscover Myself: My Struggle with Positivity & Mental Illness

Mental health is something many of us don’t talk about. There is this unspoken code of discomfort, fear, and stigma surrounding it. I, myself, have been guilty of this. I realized recently that I’ve been putting off this post for almost a year. I’ve been wanting to write about my experience. However, it’s been difficult to find both the words and the courage to be so open and vulnerable. I think that it’s about time for me to finish it now 🙂 This isn’t a typical beauty post or review and it’s going to be a long read. If you are up for it, I’m now ready to share my experiences from over the past two years. (CW: frank discussion of depression and anxiety) Continue reading “Learning to Love & Rediscover Myself: My Struggle with Positivity & Mental Illness”


GalXE Travel: My Way Late Post about BTS in Dallas, TX

So I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. I kind of get a little sad whenever I think about it because I miss my Texas K-pop friends, but I’m finally going to put it all out here. A couple of weeks months ago, I went to Dallas with my mom for the BTS (Bangtan Boys) concert. (For those unfamiliar with them, they are a Korean boy group inspired most heavily by American hip-hop and rap music. I love them and they  might have a small shrine in my room!) It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I met new friends, tried awesome food, and went shopping for Korean stuff. For those wanting more details, here’s the play by play. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet though with lots of pics! Continue reading “GalXE Travel: My Way Late Post about BTS in Dallas, TX”


What’s Up Interwebs?

Hey, I’m Kendra and this is my first blog post! You can read more about me and my blog on the page titled you guessed it “About Jolie GZBella!” But for now, I just wanted to say hi and talk about how I’m super excited to start my blogging adventure. It’ll be fun……hopefully. I am really hoping to share some knowledge, meet some new people, and force myself to adopt some more 21st century ways… you know like using technology and talking to people, stuff like that. I can be really random, excitable, and tend to try to be funny even when I’m not. I can also be a bit shy, and I’m hoping doing this will be an interesting step towards putting myself out there more. I love traveling, music (K-pop might be taking over my life), Disney, shopping, and spending time with my family (conversations with my dog included). I also will probably continue to over share! But overall, I promise I’m not that bad. So if I haven’t already creeped you out you’re interested, hopefully you will stick around to read some stuff about beauty, fashion, and the like!