Colourpop Spring/Summer Mini-Haul and Swatches!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back from my bestie’s graduation and have a new product haul for you! After hearing about them for a while, I finally decided to jump on the Colourpop buzz. I picked up a few different products from their line. I have product pics and swatches after the jump!

Of course I had to include pics of the signature Colourpop packaging! It is so pretty.

Also the little note is cute and ironic since I sometimes struggle with my health.

Product Picks!

For the mini-haul, I picked up several Super Shock Shadows, a highlighter, an Ultra Satin Lip, an Ultra Matte Lip, and a Lippie Stix! I figured I’d get a variety of things to try and they were all so affordable so why not?

For the Lippie Stix, I got the cool brown-plum shade Grunge. I’ve been wanting a brown lip color for a while and the plum undertones of this one seemed good for a first one to try. I also picked up one of Colourpop‘s highlighters in Most Necessary. I adore highlighters! I really love the bronze-rose hues of this one. It is great for summer.

I got the Ultra Satin Lip in the new Spring color So Wavy. I adore purple and unconventional lip colors so this was a no-brainer! My Ultra Matte Lip is in a rosy terracotta called Bumble.

I’m still filling up my eyeshadow collection, so I chose 5 Super Shock Shadows. Luckfully is a gorgeous deep satin blue which is a new shade this spring/summer. So Quiche is an amazing shimmery shade with an olive base and multidimensional glitter in pink, champagne, and gold <3 <3 <3 . Game Face is a creamy true metallic bronze. Dare is a bright pink-purple base with light blue and pink glitter. Lastly, I got Central Perk a matte brown-burgundy.

L-R: top row Luckfully, Game Face & Central Perk bottom row: Dare & So Quiche


L-R: Super Shock Shadows in Luckfully, So Quiche, Dare, Game Face, and Central Perk
Look how pretty they are under flash!
L-R: Most Necessary highlighter, Lippie Stix in Grunge, Ultra Satin in So Wavy & Ultra Matte in Bumble
with flash

I haven’t worn all of these yet but I’m loving the swatches so far. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these. I guess I’m a Colourpop convert!

Me wearing Luckfully Super Shock Shadow and So Wavy Ultra Satin Lip!

What do you think of Colourpop? Do you have a favorite product from them or one you still want to try? Shout out in the comments! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and share! Until next time bisous!




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