Dramatic Skin Play: Sheet Masks

If there is anything that is quintessential to the K-beauty revolution it is the multi-step routine to achieve impeccably moisturized skin and sheet masks. Getting started with 5-10 different skincare products can be super intimidating but sheet masks are fun and super easy! That’s why they’re my favorite k-beauty goodie and have become a skincare staple. Today, I’ll tell you all about this perfect “facial in a flash” as well as a few places to find them!

What Is a Sheet Mask?

Tonymoly Hydro Gel Lip Mask

For those not as familiar with the trend, sheet masks are a skincare mask. Unlike a sleeping pack or cream mask, they are actually shaped like a physical mask that is placed on the skin. Some of them cover the entire face; others are made in special shapes to just be used for the eyes, lips, or even cheeks.

They come in two primary varieties. Regular sheet masks are made from cloth-like material that has been soaked with essences that are beneficial to the skin. Hydro gel masks have a gelatin-like texture and while still filled with skin beneficial essences, they are soluble. Therefore, they can typically be left on longer without drying out.


Why They are Awesome!

To me sheet masks are the closest that I can get to a facial for cheap! They offer a potent upgrade to your regular skincare routine. Most of them cost between $2 and $7 apiece. So they are pretty budget friendly for when your skin needs a boost. Many of them also come in packs of multiples so you can stock up easily.

Banila Co. Hydro Gel Mask

The way in which they are applied is also super helpful. Since they are applied immediately after your toner, your skin is perfectly prepped to absorb all the ingredients. Your skin also has time to better absorb them because they are left on for 15-40 minutes depending on the brand and type. Since most are genuinely soaked with product, it gives your skin a lot more moisture and results than just using a regular lotion or cream. Not to mention, they are the perfect excuse to sit down with your favorite book, magazine, or TV show and just pamper yourself for a little while! I tend to use mine at night before bed. Doing it this way is an added benefit.

I also love that they come in so many varieties to pinpoint specific skin issues. Almost all of them have the shared property of deeply moisturizing but that is not all they do. On the market today, you can find sheet or hydro gel masks which help correct everything from pigmentation, to dullness, dryness, breakouts, wrinkles, even under eye circles! This way if you have a particular skin problem that arises, you can buy a few sheet masks to help before overhauling your entire beauty routine.

Lastly, many of them have upgraded with fun patterns and designs. I’ve used several masks with beautiful lace patterns. You can also find ones with cute animal faces or masquerade mask designs. Some brands even make them with holiday these for Halloween and Christmas. Cute and effective always gets bonus points!

Where to Find Them

Now that I’ve informed you and gotten you all excited about sheet masks…hopefully, you may be wondering “Where do I find these things?”. There are plenty of Korean brands that can be found at K-beauty sites with distribution in the U.S. and elsewhere. Even some of the larger U.S. stores have started to stock them. Here are just a few of the places you can find them:

SokoGlam One of my personal favorite sites! They offer a carefully curated selection. They ship to quite a few places including the U.S. Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand, and few countries in Europe such as France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

MaskBox Want convenience and variety look no farther than MaskBox! They are a sheet mask subscription service in the U.S. that delivers monthly masks to your door! Choose from type of mask, skincare concern, and number of masks with subscriptions starting at $10 including shipping! (You can check out my review for them here)

Ulta If you’re lucky you can maybe find some sheet masks at your local Ulta in person. If not, they have a good selection online!

BBCosmetic They offer a variety of brands and often sell their sheet masks in multi-packs. Stockpilers rejoice! They also offer world-wide shipping and free shipping to the U.S.!

MeetUnni They offer a good selection of sheet masks both popular and more indie brands in singles and multipacks. They also have worldwide shipping!

If anyone else knows of some good sheet mask shops, let me know in the comments! I’ll check them out and maybe add them to the list! Note: I am not being compensated to promote these sites. I just selected a variety of reputable retailers to give you some places to start!

That’s all for today’s post. Don’t forget to share, comment, or subscribe if you like my posts. Until next time, bisous!

*this article was originally posted on November 11, 2015 but has been updated*






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