Etude House Double Lasting Foundation Review

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Double Lasting Foundation by Etude House in the shade Amber. This is the first base product that I’ve tried from Etude House! I have a few of the their eye shadows and lip products and love them! Their Double Lasting Foundation is supposed to be saturated with pigment for effective coverage as well as extra adhesion so it doesn’t break, streak, or swipe off easily. More details after the jump!


When I get items from Etude House I usually expect super cute, girly packaging. This foundation is an exception but in a good way. It comespackaged in a sleek, slightly frosted glass pump bottle! The cap is black with stripes alternating between matte and glossy. The exterior box is cream and tan with a brief description, instructions, and ingredients list in English. There is additional text in Korean as well. Overall the packaging is great!


The Etude House Double Lasting Foundation has two elements that set it apart. The “Double Shot Technology” claims to offer double the coverage of previous foundations with a single use. Secondly, the “Magnet Fit Effect” is supposed to offer extra adhesion on uneven skin texture so that your foundation doesn’t smudge or wipe off. It comes in a range of eight shades which is a lot in comparison to other Korean foundations. All of them are still quite light though.

I have to say when I first swatched this foundation, I was super impressed! It went on like a dream! It’s also a bit easier to blend than other liquid foundations or BB creams I have used. The foundation feels smooth and light overall. It has a slightly fresh almost soapy fragrance. It is noticeable but not overpowering. The shade Amber is the darkest of the shades offered and has a neutral tone. It is still a bit too light for my skin but the tonality is a good fit. I enjoy the dewy finish of this foundation! It creates a nice glow without looking or feeling oily immediately after application. The coverage is medium but build-able.


Unblended Left; Blended Right

Blended along entire forearm


I’ve tested this foundation a few times and overall have enjoyed it! I’ve been applying it with the Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush which is a paddle brush. Even being a bit unfamiliar with using a paddle brush I was able to blend and smooth this foundation well! [Small aside: I love the interchangeable head on the My Beauty Tool Secret Brush (the sponge is great for dabbing foundation for a natural finish) but I generally prefer it for applying contour]. My face did get a bit oily as the day wore on but for my taste it wasn’t bad. Someone who wants to minimize the dewy-venturing-into-oily vibe would need to touch up with powder around midday. I’ve also noticed that it feels heavier as the day progresses; something I really dislike.

Aside from that, I didn’t notice a huge difference in how this foundation wore save one thing: My glasses usually rub my foundation off my nose. It’s one of my makeup pet peeves as I end up with both smudged makeup and gunky glasses (ick!). While that still happened, it wasn’t nearly as severe, so maybe that “Magnet Fit Effect” does work to an extent! Check out the pics below.

Bare Face


Immediately After Application


Beginning of Day
9 hours later

The pics above show me wearing the foundation with nothing but primer. I’ve also tried it with a full face of makeup (concealer, powder, contour, cream highlight) which isn’t something I do often. The wear was roughly the same.

Final Thoughts

I like this foundation but it’s not my favorite. I’ll probably reach for it on days when a want a more dewy look, but don’t see it being my go to. I’d still recommend it if you are looking for a long-wear foundation or want a Korean foundation that has a more nuanced range of shades with differing undertones. You can find the Etude House Double Lasting Foundation at the official Etude House site here.

Do you have a favorite foundation? Leave that and any thoughts in the comments! As always thanks for reading and bisous!







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