Etude House My Little Nut Holiday Haul and Swatches!

Hi all! So it’s the week of Christmas and I thought my blog needed at least one holiday post before it’s too late. As you may have noticed, I’ve been big into Etude House lately. So when I saw their Black Friday deals and cute Nutcracker themed holiday collection, I had to pick up a few more things. Be prepared for a picture heavy post with swatches and holiday decor!

Product Rundown

So I picked up two items from the My Little Nut Holiday Collection, a much needed new foundation, and two application brushes! As always everything packs a cute punch. The pink and gold of the My Little Nut collection perfectly meshes Etude girly and holiday glitz.

My Little Nut Collection

I got the My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes in Lucky Red Little Nut and the My Little Nut Luck Cheek Beam in Cashew Nut Beige. I’ll admit the name My Little Nut is a bit odd to me. Otherwise, I really like the collection. The cute animated nutcrackers in addition to the very Etude color palette makes it feel holiday but not too out of place with their aesthetic. Who says pink and red can’t go together?!?

On to the Fantastic Color Eyes palette ….let me just say, I am obsessed with the colors in this palette! The Nut Cracker red is incredible! I know it’s cliche but the pictures do not do it justice. The base is a true shimmer red with a golden metallic duo-chrome shift! Red Brick is a great reddish-plumy-brown matte and Toffee Latte is a simple matte base/transition. Hey Good Nut provides a good medium shimmer shade in a rich brown.

L-R: Hey Good Nut, Merry Nut, Toffee Latte, Candy Fairy, Nut Cracker, and Red Brick


Obviously I couldn’t forget about Merry Nut and Candy Fairy. They are both glittery goodness, but depending on the light, they can look similar. I almost couldn’t tell them apart when I first applied them. Here they are swatched side by side. You can see that Merry Nut is more pink whereas Candy Fairy is more peachy-orange-y. The glitter reflects differently in each too. Merry Nut pops with champagne and teal reflects, and Candy Fairy shines with gold and pink reflects!

Left: Merry Nut; Right: Candy Fairy


Even though, I haven’t tried it on my face I feel like I won’t be too in love with the Cheek Beam. The formula gives off a bit more shimmer than my typical taste for highlighters. It is a nice color though so I’ll just have to see. I do love the idea of the portability in the little jar with a built in doe foot applicator. If shimmery highlighters are your thing, it might be perfect!

Update: I was completely wrong! I absolutely love this highlighter! It gives a gorgeous but subtle lit-from-within glow on the face!

Original Swatch of My Little Nut Lucky Cheek Beam
Blended Swatch


Double Lasting Foundation

I’ve been looking for a new foundation/BB Cream for a little while. I decided to give Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation a try. My first impression of it is great! It provides a gorgeous slightly dewy medium-full coverage when swatched. The formula is lightweight and it smells amazing. I legit keep sniffing my arm where I had swatched it because I love the fragrance so much! I’ll do a full review of this later but for now here are the swatches of the shade Amber. (Review Here!)

Etude Brushes

Lastly, I picked up two Etude House My Beauty Tool brushes! With the foundation in a pump bottle, I needed an applicator. (The puffs included in BB Cushions are my usual go-to) I’ve also been wanting to try one of the oval makeup application brushes so the opportunity was perfect. Picking up an eye shadow brush was a must since I always want them but they somehow elude my budget. (What can I say, the quest for shiny often overpowers the practical). The few eye brushes I have now are nearly seven years old and not the best quality. So since there was a sale, I picked up one of Etude House‘s blending brushes too!

Both of the brushes feel nice and soft. I talk a little about the paddle brush in the Double Lasting Foundation review.

That’s all for today’s post! I’ll have some more full reviews coming up in the New Year. I’ve been busy with getting my Etsy store launched and have been sick quite a bit. I won’t stop working on the blog though! Thanks for reading and until next time bisous and Happy Holidays!









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