Etude House Pink Skull Collection 3-Looks-in-1 Kit Review/Swatches

I always look forward to new products from Etude House! Their packaging is so adorable and I haven’t been disappointed by anything from them! They recently released their Pink Skull Collection. With a little bit of everything from eye-shadow to nail stickers, it seemed like a winner. It was so cute that I decided to order the 3-looks-in-1 kit straight from Korea! I’ll be giving an overview of the Lovely Eyes version of the kit with lots of pics, swatches and my overall first impression. Let’s get to it!

Products in the Kit

Each of the 3-looks-in-1 kit comes with a Pink Skull Color Eyes eye-shadow palette, a mascara, and Twin Shot Lipstint. Aside from base makeup, it’s everything you need need for a simple and cute makeup look. There are two versions of the 3-looks-in-1 kit. I decided on Lovely Skull over Funky Skull because Lovely Skull has more matte eye-shadows (something I needed). The Funky Skull version also features different colors in Lipstint and a Long Lash Fix mascara.


Etude House always has adorable packaging and the Pink Skull Collection is no exception. All of the boxes shine with a gorgeous pale metallic pink base! They keep with the girly cute factor with the black polka dot accents throughout. Even the traditional skull and crossbones symbol has gotten the Etude treatment with bright red heart eyes! Each of the products has the same motif of polka dots and/or heart eyed skulls as well. Verdict: freaking adorable!

Pink Skull Lovely Color Eyes

The Lovely Eyes palette was the main reason I bought this kit. It comes with nine eye shadows ranging from bright pink to shimmering brown to yellow beige. The palette itself is just nice to look at with the clear lid and embossed heart on each shadow! I was immediately impressed with the texture of all but one of the shades. Just take a look at the swatches! I’ll be doing an in-depth review of this palette soon (full review here)! For now, here are the swatches in natural light:

Pink Skull Curl Fix Mascara

I, honestly, wasn’t too excited about this mascara because I tend to already have naturally curly lashes. I didn’t have a brown mascara before though so I figured it’d be okay for that. To my surprise after trying it, I love it! The wand has a unique dual sided brush with a flat and a domed side. It works great for giving you a natural looking but fanned out lashes! It took a little finesse to get the effect, but this will definitely be my new go-to for brown-toned and doll-eyed looks!

me wearing the Pink Skull Curl Fix Mascara in Funky Brown


Pink Skull Twin Shot Lipstint

The last product in the 3-looks-in-1 kit is the Twin Shot Lipstint in Pink x Pumpkin Shot. It comes with two coordinated lip tints in one tube! To create the base layer, you use the mousse tint side. The one in pumpkin shot is a beautiful medium cool-toned pink. You then lightly apply the pearl tint to the inside of your lips. The pearl tint is clear and glossy with a golden shimmer! The two when worn together are supposed to create a gradient lip with the inside darkening over time. I wore it for several hours and didn’t notice any color change or gradation. It makes for a beautiful lip look regardless!

mousse tint alone and mousse tint with pearl tint on top

Final Thoughts

My final first impression of all 3 of the products is great! I am already thinking about getting the Funky Pink version of the kit because I like this one so much! I’ll get a lot of use out of the mascara and the Color Eyes palette. The Twin Shot Lipstint is also a beautiful color to add to my lip color collection. I especially love that the dual ends mean I can wear it like either a matte or gloss without carrying more than one product. You can check out the whole Pink Skull collection here!

Thanks for reading and as always until next time bisous!







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