Etude House Pink Skull Color Eyes Review

Hello all! I did my overview and swatch post for the Etude House Pink Skull 3-Looks-in-1 kit a couple of weeks ago (see it here). As promised, I’m back with a full review for the Pink Skull Color Eyes palette! I got the Lovely Eyes version of the kit and have been playing around with it for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more swatches, use pics, and longevity and other details!


Etude House always gets me with their cute and pretty packaging and this eye shadow palette is no different. Just check out the skull with heart eyes, polka dots and metallic pale pink and black box! <3 <3 <3 <3 Need I say more?

Functionality wise, the packaging is mostly in Korean with a small description in English. I do wish the packaging was better quality. It feels a little flimsy and the eye shadow pans don’t fit flushly into the palette. Another downside is that the palette doesn’t come with an application brush. That means no on the go touch ups unless you use your fingers. Aside from those little details, it looks nice even if it may prove not to be very durable.


Each of the Pink Skull Color Eyes kits comes with 9 shades in varying textures. The Lovely Eyes version contains 6 mattes, 2 pearls, and one shimmer/glitter. The colors range from a yellow beige to a bright copper. I was a little concerned about going for the version with more matte shades since they are generally more difficult to work with. I’m glad I did though. Each of the shades swatches nicely and is decently pigmented. All of the colors aside from Twinkle Pink (the glitter shade) have a more powdery consistency. Twinkle Pink is a bit more creamy, almost doughy, and applies best with your fingers. The other shades especially the mattes can kick up some extra dust in the palette but aren’t necessarily messy.

Etude House even carried the cute over to the eye shadows themselves! Each of the shadows has a raised heart pressed into the pan. It definitely adds to the cute aesthetic, but be sure to enjoy it while it lasts though. Twinkle Pink’s pink heart gets smushed really easily due to its shadow’s consistency. I used it about three times before it started to just look sad!

I enjoy all of the colors! For a palette this size, it offers a good amount of versatility. I’ve done a couple of everyday looks with it as well as a more sultry look. Sugar Skull Pink is a great pop color! My personal favorites have to be Velvet Brown, Antique Brown (it’s a great transition color), and Twinkle Pink (glitter always wins)! Some of the browns can get a bit muddy depending on how you blend them together. Overall, it’s great for easy warmer pink and brown makeup looks whether cute or a little smokey.


The colors from left to right are: Twinkle Pink, Antique Brown, Romantic Brown, Lovely Pink, Sugar Skull Pink, Velvet Brown, (Shisaroo?) Beige, Rose Pink Brown, and Leather Brown.

Natural Light
With Flash


I’m pleasantly surprised by the wear of these shadows. They didn’t crease or smudge throughout the day. The color intensity also remained consistent even after several hours. All of the colors are blendable even the mattes. Just be careful if you use all browns because they can get a bit muddy. Otherwise, I would say these have great wear for the price! Here are some pics of immediately after application compared to the look at the end of the day (7 hours later):

After Application

End of Day

Final Thoughts

I like this palette a lot and am still thinking of getting the Funky Skull version! It’s been a nice addition to my makeup collection. The colors are lovely (no pun intended), the packaging is too cute, and it has a good amount of versatility for the price. I see myself getting a lot of use out of it!

Have you tried anything from Etude House’s Pink Skull Collection? Do you have a favorite cute eye shadow palette? Share your thoughts in the comments! As always thanks for reading and bisous!








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