Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect Review

Hi again! Sorry that I’m so late with this followup post! I’ve been busy with my sister visiting and getting my Etsy ready for holiday shopping. I’m finally back though! Today I’ll be doing the first review on products from my Fall Skincare Overhaul, the Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect. This cleansing oil from Etude House claims to not only deep cleanse the skin but also soften and balance it. It also promises a light texture. Let’s see how it worked!


I was super impressed with the packaging of this product upon receiving it! Aesthetics wise it has a more classic art style than the typical cute packaging I associate with Etude House. The bottle came in a plastic container in an orange color, brown, and white color scheme with a cartoon Mona Lisa-esque portrait on the front. There are directions and an ingredients in English. The bottle itself is also plastic and slightly frosted. What really impressed me about this packaging was the functionality though!  The bottle was packaged securely with a screw top cap. The pump for the bottle was wrapped in its own separate bag. I love this because that means spill free shipping! Lastly the pump itself also has a stopper so that you can avoid spills after opening the product as well! A+ packaging!


The very first thing I noticed about this product upon using it was the fragrance. Though a pleasantly scented floral citrus, it is very strong! On from there, I noticed that the oil is indeed very light. It applied very smoothly and didn’t feel thick at all. One of my gripes with some oil cleansers is that they can feel a bit smothering when you put them on. This one feels beautiful though! It also emulsified better than any of the oil cleansers I’ve used before! I never feel like I’m rubbing my face too much to get rid of excess residue. This oil rinses off so easily!


The results I’ve gotten from this oil cleanser haven’t been drastically visible but still well worth it! I have noticed though that I’ve been getting fewer breakouts since I switched to it. The main difference is in the feel of my skin! It feels smoother and softer. My skin even feels fresher and less weighed down if that makes sense. You can’t see much of a difference in the photos but I always share them regardless. The feel of my skin is great though even if that isn’t reflected in the appearance.



Final Thoughts

I love this cleansing oil! It’s definitely one of my favorite products that I’ve tried recently! It’s easy to use and makes my skin happy! This one probably isn’t best for people that are sensitive to fragrances, but otherwise if you are looking for a cleansing oil, I’d say give this one a try! You can find the Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect here at Sokoglam.

What do you look for in a cleansing oil? Any other thoughts? Let me know in the comments! As always thanks for reading and bisous!

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