Belle GalXE Fall/Winter Skincare Haul!!!

So I’ve been stocking up on both makeup and skincare products to try out for the Fall and coming Winter months. I’ll have lots of new product reviews (the usual Korean goodies and some great Western brands too) up in the coming weeks! Today is a preview of a bunch of the skincare stuff I just picked out from both Sokoglam and Memebox.

First, I picked out this face cream (in a pretty jar) from Iope. I tend to suffer from horribly dry skin in the winter, so I plan to use this as part of my morning skincare routine.

I chose a ton of new sheet masks! These first two are area specific masks. I’ve already tried the Tonymoly patches, and I got them again. I’m really curious to see about this V-V Dual Patch from Banila Co. though! It has hydro gel patches for your cheeks and then a chin strap with essence to tighten the skin along your jawline (see the Dual Patch review here).

I also got the moisturizing version in Banila Co.‘s Lace Hydro Gel Mask. I’ve already reviewed the calming version here (it’s amazing!).

This VC Effector serum from It’s Skin is my first. It’s supposed to help fade scars, pigmentation and improve skin health overall! (review here)

More masks from Sally’s Box. They are formulated with ceramide which is supposed to help the skin retain moisture. Hopefully great for those dry, windy winter days!

Next, I’m adding a new essence to my routine. This version from Benton has snail mucin (I’m a snail mucin convert) and bee venom. I’m excited to try the gel-type consistency! (Full review here)

Lastly, I got some fun sheet masks from SNP and MediHeal (review here). I’m not even gonna lie, I bought these masks mostly because they look pretty. One is a baby seal face and the other is made to look like a masquerade mask! Sheet masks that don’t make me look like the creepy killer in a slasher film are always a win!

So which one should I review first? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe if you like my stuff! Bisous!






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