GalXE Spotlight: Mask Box Subscription

Hi everyone! Today I’m back with a brand spotlight post. I’ll be talking about Mask Box! Mask Box is a U.S. based subscription Korean sheet mask delivery service which launched early this year! That’s right! Want to make sure your sheet mask stockpile really never runs low? Now you can get them delivered straight to your door every month ♥♥♥ I’ll go over the different plans they offer and a review of my experience with the company so far. Let’s get to it! (picture heavy post ahead)

Mask Box Plans

Mask Box‘s plans come in 3 basic options: a hydration box, a brightening box, and an anti-aging box. Each of these comes with three masks each and is only $10 shipping included. You can also opt for a combo box and get a range of the above three types of masks as well as other niche masks that Mask Box finds according to their website!

from MaskBox website

For the fancier or more intense sheet masker, Mask Box also offers a Luxury Box. This baby is pricier with 2 masks for $20 but this is where you will find hydogel masks (my faves!) and even three step intensive treatment masks.

from Mask Box website

All of the above boxes offer the option of getting a double box as well! So instead of getting just 3 masks for $10 you could get 6 for $20 if you like to sheet mask more often and you wouldn’t have to set up two subscriptions or something weird like that!

p.s. the Luxury Box and Double Boxes ship free too

One-Time Shop

Mask Box just recently launched their One-Time Shop as well! The products they have in there right now are a little pricey for me, but I still wanted to give it a mention. They have a small selection of mask bundles and even a Girl’s Night In mask package. I’m hoping they expand on it at some point but for now I would say check out the Valsarea masks from there!

My Experience

So I just have to say that Mask Box impressed me from the start! I was just waiting for my second box to get here to say all this since it’s a subscription and I couldn’t completely and objectively judge a subscription service on a one time delivery. Now that I have that out of the way!

When I first signed up for my subscription (I opted for the combo box), they sent my order out the same night and I signed up for it at o’dark thirty. The masks come neatly packed in a little mailer with super fast shipping. Their signature packaging is sleek and elegant. I always love refolding it! They really thought of everything! Even the K-beauty novice can’t go wrong with the enclosed how to sheet mask instructions.

They even included a sweet note thanking me for supporting their launch in my first box!

Most importantly, I’ve loved all of the masks I have received so far! They have been mostly from the brand Valsarea which I had never tried or even heard of prior to Mask Box. I do hope for a bit more variety in the future, but in a way it has almost been a godsend since I’ve been in poor health and the Valsarea masks (a.k.a. my miracle masks) have been just what my tired skin has needed!

Final Thoughts

I think it’s pretty obvious I love this company! The price is great, the variety of plans to suit your specific skincare needs is there, brand variance has been the only iffy thing for me but the quality of everything has been superb! If you are a U.S. based skincare junkie I would say check them out for sure. For now, they don’t ship internationally, but they have stated it as a goal so stay tuned international readers. I’ll update the post if it changes! You can check out and subscribe to Mask Box on their website here!

Have any of you tried Mask Box? What kinds of masks did you get? Any hesitations about trying a subscription mask service? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and until next time bisous!


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