GalXE Travel: My Way Late Post about BTS in Dallas, TX

So I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. I kind of get a little sad whenever I think about it because I miss my Texas K-pop friends, but I’m finally going to put it all out here. A couple of weeks months ago, I went to Dallas with my mom for the BTS (Bangtan Boys) concert. (For those unfamiliar with them, they are a Korean boy group inspired most heavily by American hip-hop and rap music. I love them and they¬† might have a small shrine in my room!) It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I met new friends, tried awesome food, and went shopping for Korean stuff. For those wanting more details, here’s the play by play. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet though with lots of pics!


We flew in and arrived around lunchtime and checked in to our hotel.


Next of course was finding food. We were recommended this little place called Burger Bueno and oh we were so glad. It was probably the best burger I have ever had in my life! And it was huge! Just look at this thing! Mouthfuls upon mouthfuls of deliciousness. The fries we really good too.

After that we chilled at the hotel before heading out for the night. We meet up with a group that had formed online (and now official friends of mine!) to go shopping for K-pop merch in Carrollton. I tried bubble tea for the first time. Delicious! I also got some K-Beauty goodies for the first time in person! After all of that, we moved on to the main event: karaoke. Let it be known that my shy, anxious behind got up and sang IN KOREAN (very bad Korean I should add) multiple times. It was so much fun!


After not getting back to the hotel until nearly 2 A.M. my mom wasn’t thrilled that I dragged her out of bed to go to the mall hehe. I rarely visit anywhere new without hitting up a mall. After spending way too much time starring at beautiful things, I couldn’t afford, I finally picked up something from H&M.

my concert outfit

Finally, I returned to the hotel to make concert preparations: makeup, outfit, light stick. I was running late so I missed the pre-concert fan activities, but I found some of my new friends from the night before and was assured that it was ridiculously hot and I didn’t miss much. I was super excited about how close my seat was! The concert is by far my favorite I have ever been to! I don’t have any pictures (we weren’t allowed to take them). Plus, I was too busy singing, jumping, dancing and crying to be bothered.

Afterwards, I was brave again and went to a different meetup group for after concert drinks and Korean food. We went to the restaurant & bar Dansungsa. I would totally recommend it for anyone in the Dallas area. This was my first time having Korean food. I tried bulgogi, kimchi pancakes, and some other stuff I don’t quite remember. I also had one too many shots! But I made some more friends and had a great time!


My mom and I started off by making a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium. I had always heard about it but hadn’t realized there was such an abundance of both marine and land animals. It was great! Check out some of the pics I took:

Afterwards, I got a message that some people were having one final meetup before everyone left. So we sped off back to Carrollton for some more Korean food and fun with friends! It was a Korean feast really! Take a look for yourself:

Yeah that wasn’t even all of it! Unfortunately, I had to leave early to catch my flight and so final (for this trip) goodbyes were made.

In totality, it was the most fun, I’ve had in a long time! I used to travel quite often but haven’t been able to as much recently. The friends I met is what made it so great so thank you all! I miss them dearly and am looking forward to the day when I can hopefully make a return visit to see everyone.

That is all for this post.

Next week, I’ll be doing two reviews of products from the famous Korean brand Son & Park, so please look forward to it! Until then, bisous <3



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