Goodal Natural Clear Mild Peeling Gel Review

Good day readers! I’ve used a couple of different skincare products from Goodal and have loved them all. So it was perfect when I heard about their new peeling gel just as my Skinfood exfoliator was running low. Their Natural Clear Mild Peeling Gel is a chemical exfoliator which promises to soften and smooth skin in just one use as it gently removes dead skin cells. Let’s get to the details.


Goodal‘s peeling gel comes in a plain squeeze bottle container. There is nothing notable about the aesthetics, but I always prefer when products come in squeeze or pump containers because it is generally more hygienic. The only English is a brief description and instructions on the reverse. Otherwise the remainder of the information is in Korean.


Though described as a gel, the product consistency is more like a milky liquid. It applies smoothly and easily. The only drawback would be that it begins to pill up so quickly you may end of with more product concentrated where you first start the application. The speed can also be seen as a bonus versus some other “peels” which require a wait time before becoming effective. You can actually see your dead skin and impurities pill up with the product as you use it (from my experience, the pills look more discolored the gunkier my skin is)! The gel has a clean, fruity, citrus fragrance.

pills formed by the product

This gel makes use of lemon fruit extract and wintergreen leaf extract to cause the very mild chemical exfoliation as well as the physical exfoliation of the pilled product to get the final exfoliated result. Lemon also has brightening/bleaching properties and is good for fading dark spots. (Please be aware that using a balanced product with a measured and diluted amount of lemon extract is different than rubbing a lemon/lemon juice directly on your face. Please don’t do that!) The peeling gel also has green tea extract and Saccharomyces ferment. Green tea can help prevent sun damage and slow the signs of aging. Fermentation also makes skincare ingredients more potent and easier to absorb! (More on fermented skincare here)


This product actually lived up to its promise of skin improvement in just one use. My skin felt softer and smoother afterwards. I also appreciated how it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I have noticed some brightening as well. Here are some before and after pics for reference:



Final Thoughts

I’m so glad I got this peeling gel! It works well to remove dead skin without drying or irritating my skin. My skin feels softer and looks brighter. I have also noticed an increase in radiance to my complexion since I have been using this gel. I would definitely recommend this especially to people with oily/combination skin types like me. You can find the Goodal Natural Clear Mild Peeling Gel at the Clio Professional website here for U.S. readers.

Do you have any favorite products for smooth, soft skin? Let me know in the comments. Also if you don’t know much about exfoliation, check out my post about it here! Thanks for reading (don’t forget to share and subscribe) and until next time bisous!



2 thoughts on “Goodal Natural Clear Mild Peeling Gel Review

    • Kendra Janelle says:

      Yes, very true! Since cellulose is often used as a thickener, it’s really the cellulose or other ingredients pilling up not entirely your skin or impurities. Chemical exfoliation =/= chemical peel. (I use the example of chemical exfoliation because this particular product does have some ingredients in low concentration that have chemical exfoliation properties even though their effect is negligible and it also has physical exfoliation due to the pilling) I just stated it that way to emphasize the visual effect since I don’t tend to get too science-y with my posts! 😉 I have updated the post to help reflect the action better though.

      I’ve definitely become a peeling gel convert as well! They are so much gentler than many products billed as physical exfoliators.

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