My First Memebox! Hope Girl Haul and Mini-Reviews

Edit June 18, 2017: Memebox is no longer selling products direct on their website 🙁 I’m still keeping this post up though because of the overview of the Hope Girl products, which I still enjoy.

Hello again beauty lovers! So I’ve been a fan of Memebox for a while. I get so many of my Korean skincare and Korean makeup products from there. Still, I usually buy the products individually, so I’m excited to have finally gotten my first box! I decided to get the Hope Girl box, since I’d never tried anything by them and I was in need of a new makeup primer. It came with 5 full-sized products from the brand! Keep reading to see an overview of the Memebox box and mini-reviews of a few of the included products.

First off, Memebox is always on point with the packaging and this box was no different! All of the Hope Girl product packaging is so cute as well. If you love leopard print, you’ll love their packaging!

The main reason I got this box was for the Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer. I can officially say that it was worth it! Not only have I noticed an improvement in my makeup application, but this primer makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth immediately after application. When I say smooth, soft skin, I really mean it! My skin has never felt as soft as when I use this primer. A little product also goes a long way with this primer. It has a slightly pink hue which also helps with brightening the complexion.

The second product in this box was the Hope Girl Ultra Moist Donkey Milk Cream. It is a cream moisturizer which contains donkey milk in soft capsules. I haven’t tried this product yet. I can already tell some good things about it though. It comes with a spatula in the compartment underneath the jar. I love when jar products come with a spatula. It keeps you from having to place your fingers in the product. Depending on how soon I get around to using it, I might do a full review for it later. (Full Review Here!)

The next product is the Hope Girl Super Wonder Magic Mascara. This one has by far my favorite packaging! The mascara tube has a gold metallic look with a black leopard print embossed on it. I’ve used it a few times and I like it. It adds great dimension and length. It also separates my lashes better than any mascara I’ve tried recently.

The Hope Girl Sebum Control Pore Pact was the product I expected the least from. Now, it is my favorite of the ones I have tried! I received the version in green which is helpful for counteracting redness on your face. It came in a little compact with a mirror in the lid and a puff included. I use to the puff for application and it works surprisingly well. The powder itself covers any redness I ever have and makes my complexion brighter and more luminous. I also haven’t had any issues with oiliness since I’ve been using it!

Lastly, I got the Hope Girl Cushion Lipstick in the shade #5. It is a thin lipstick tube with the lipstick at one end and a cushion to create the gradient lip look on the other. The color #5 is a pale coral pink. I’ve only tried it once and I like the texture and the cushion is fun. Unfortunately, this color looks horrendous on me! I’ll only be able to use it to mellow out brighter colors.

Overall, I’m utterly pleased with this group of products! I’ll be looking out for more Hope Girl products in the future. Have you tried anything from Hope Girl? Would you like to see me do a full review of any of these products? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and until next time bisous!




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