I’m Meme I’m Water Pigment Review

Hi beauties! I hope you’ve been doing well! Even though the name doesn’t sound like it, today’s review is all about glitter!!! This is also the first product I’ve tried from Memebox‘s brand I’m Meme! The I’m Water Pigment promises a glittery iridescent shine in a completely liquid formula! That’s right, a quick-dry liquid means no fallout, no glue, no mess. The I’m Water Pigment also claims to be blendable and crease resistant. I’ll be testing and swatching Volume Talk, a bright silver-white pigment. Let’s get to the details!


Don’t even get me started on how difficult it was to photograph this box! The black on black design is awesome but capturing it was no fun. The pigment itself is packaged in a small bottle. I love the design of it! The white to clear ombre gives it a sleek and modern feel. Even the angled interior bottom edge adds to the vibe. Unimportant I know, but I enjoy the little details! The exterior box is entirely in Korean. Thankfully, that portion was white so I could photograph it easily. I’ll be referencing the ingredients list from Memebox.com.


The name comes from the cause of the texture and the primary ingredient: water! The shimmer pigments are suspended in it to give the I’m Water Pigment its unique features. Just make sure to shake it thoroughly before each use. The formula feels smooth and lightweight. The amount of pigment surprised me! When applied, it looks like an ultra-fine shimmery pigment. It doesn’t have the look of a true cosmetics glitter because the glitter is so fine. Instead, the I’m Water Pigment creates a sheer wash of shimmer. You can apply it in layers to increase the opacity for a more intense effect.

You don’t need much product at all even when creating multiple layers. The bottle comes with a built-in doe foot applicator. It takes the pigment a few seconds to dry. You can blend it out before it is dry to create an even more sheer effect. I did this to use it as a highlighter. You can wear it with eye shadow over or underneath. If you apply it over eye shadow, you will loose a bit of the shadow’s pigmentation. You get an added shimmery effect though so it works! I simply consider it a makeup trade-off. Regardless of how I applied it, there was no mess at all! It didn’t have fallout and the formula didn’t run. It’s for sure an application win!


L-R: Full swatch & Blended Application


Eye Shadow Alone


032 (2)

Eye Shadow with I’m Water Pigment over top


I’ve used this product for several eye looks and even as a highlighter. It wore beautifully every time! After it has dried, the pigment doesn’t smudge or move. It can be smeared or re-blended if you add moisture to it though. In one layer, I couldn’t even feel it throughout the day. If you add more layers, you can feel it a bit but it’s neither heavy or uncomfortable. Here are some pics that show how you can blend eye shadow with it, the look after a full day’s wear, and one of the makeup looks I did with it!

Initial Application Alone in Natural Light


Full Eye Look in Natural Light


Final Look in Artificial Light


I’m Water Pigment at End of Day



Eye Look with the I’m Water Pigment. I have it between my brows and the cut crease

Final Thoughts

The I’m Water Pigment is a love for me! I seriously want to bathe in the glittery goodness! No doubt, I will buy it again, even though with as little as is needed I can’t imagine running out of it anytime soon. I hope they release it in more colors; I would love to have them! If you are looking for a glittery effect that doesn’t require full opacity, I’d definitely recommend this. You will get the impact sans the mess and mixing that can be necessary with regular glitters or shimmer pigments.

Do you incorporate glitter into your makeup looks? What kind of glitter do you use? Would you try a liquid glitter pigment? Let me know in the comments! As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to share and subscribe if you like my posts! Bisous!






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