Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Sweet Wine Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hi everyone! I’m still working on building up my eye shadow collection. So after giving their Wine Lip Tint a try (you can see my review here), I was super excited to give Labiotte‘s Wine Eye Shadow palette a try. I got the version Sweet Wine which features a range of pink tones. Their Sweet Wine Eye Shadow palette promises a silky smooth shadow texture even with the pearl glitter shades as well as versatile rich colors. Let’s see how it fared!


Labiotte keeps with the wine themed packaging for this palette. The exterior box has the silhouette of a wine bottle on it and and has a deep plum and pewter color palette. There is a brief description and directions in English on the back of the packaging. Otherwise, the writing is in Korean. The palette itself is very sleek and modern with a burgundy red hue with gold lettering. The palette includes a good sized mirror and dual sided brush. It is quite thin and compact so you could easily pack it into most purses and not use much space. The palette doesn’t feel weighty, but it does feel sturdy enough that I don’t doubt the quality.


The palette features a range of 8 matte, glitter, and shimmer colors in wine themed pink hues. Specifically, there are 3 mattes, 3 shimmers, and two that I would describe as glittery. Overall, I would describe the colors in this palette as understated. They are great for simple everyday pink makeup with a few colors to shade for a more impactful look. The standout color is Matte Burgundy. It is a rich burgundy red and just the pop that this palette needed. The only color I would say it is missing is a darker matte shade to add depth or contour.

From a use perspective, this palette is amazing! The shadows don’t kick up dust when you pick them up. They are smooth and easy to apply. The colors blend beautifully especially the matte shades! As promised, the glittery shades offer a beautiful yet sophisticated shine without being chunky or messy. The shadows are well pigmented though I believe they will suit someone with a paler skin tone than mine.

I also adore the brush that this palette came with! It picks up the shadows easily and the two ends (one appears like a small shader brush and the other is flatter and slightly fanned out) offer a great range of versatility. This is the first palette I’ve had with an included brush where I don’t find myself reaching for my other makeup brushes and instead use the included brush for my entire eye look.


Natural Light
With Flash


These shadows wear beautifully. I tested them for about 7.5 hours and I couldn’t tell any difference in appearance between when I applied them and how they looked at the end of the day. See photos below:

After Application

End of Day

Just as an addition, here is what this eye look looked like in natural daylight:

Final Thoughts

I like this palette a lot! The colors are true. They blend beautifully and the included brush is fantastic! The only downsides are the lack of a darker matte shade and that these colors aren’t going to flatter a wide range of skin tones. Otherwise, I think this is a great quality palette overall! I almost wish I had gotten the Dry Wine version because the colors seems a bit more brown girl friendly (alas I still might pick it up).

If you want to give the Labiotte Sweet Wine palette a try, you can find it here at BBCosmetic.

As always thanks for reading and until next time bisous!






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