Laneige BB Cushion Medium Review

So I’m not sure why I never reviewed this product before. The Laneige BB Cushion was my very first cushion compact. It is still my everyday go-to for natural base makeup. I decided to spotlight it now because they have recently expanded their shade range from just 3 to 6 colors! Anyone who has looked into Korean foundation or BB creams knows that finding any shades that aren’t extremely light is a struggle! Even as a black woman with comparatively light skin, it has been incredibly difficult; even the darkest shades most Korean brands sell are a bit too light. So I’m so glad that Laneige has expanded their range to suit more skin tones. The Laneige Cushion promises buildable natural coverage that moisturizes while color correcting. I’ll be showing you the wear of the shade Medium. Let’s get to it!


The packaging is pretty standard as far as cushion compacts go. The white, silver, and lucite exterior give it a sleek feel. There is a good quality mirror in the lid for on the go applications of touch-up. The included puff applicator is blue and is separated from the product in its own little compartment. Since this version is exclusive to Target, the packaging is in English.


I’ve mentioned that this BB Cushion has been my go-to for about a year. I really do love it! The coverage is light-medium but buildable. It has a natural finish. It is more in line with the Western trend since it isn’t as dewy as other Korean BB creams I’ve used. Each package comes with the original compact and an additional refill as well! The BB cream formula includes broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen. This is typical for Korean BB cushions. Unfortunately, several of the versions made by Western brands tend to leave out the sun protection, so I wanted to be sure to mention it. The scented cushion adds a nice touch. I wish it wasn’t so strong though. The potency might be a deal-breaker for anyone sensitive to fragrances.

It has a very light almost cooling feeling when first applied to the face. I wouldn’t say that it added moisture to my skin, but it does seem to help retain moisture in already hydrated skin better than some BB creams. I’ve also noticed that this BB cream makes my skin look healthier when I use it consistently which is amazing! This shade is best for me in winter. In the summer, it’s a bit too light as you will see.


full swatch (left); blended swatch (right)


This BB Cushion generally wears beautifully! When I wear it plain, my skin does get a slight sheen throughout the day. It is very subtle and just makes the finish look a bit dewier which I personally prefer. With a finishing powder applied, the finish stays consistent. The Laneige cushion can cling to/emphasize dry patches. I find this to be typical with Korean foundations and BB creams though. Therefore, it doesn’t work that well on dry skin. You can diminish this effect a bit by using a mist after applying it. (I’ll show the difference in the example pics) The BB creams evens skin tone and brightens well. It won’t cover blemishes though. I think it creates a good “your skin but better” look. Here are some pics of me wearing it:

Bare Face /Immediately After Application in Natural Light

Immediately after application in artificial light


In these first pics, you can see that the BB cream looks a little dry and cakey. This is because my skin wasn’t as hydrated as normal. To help, I spritzed on some skin mist after completing the rest of the makeup. Then, it looked like this:

Note: this picture has been color enhanced. There are no edits to the texture of my skin/BB cream though!


Hopefully, that gives you a better idea of how you can make this BB Cream look better if you’re having an off skin day.

After full day of wear

Final Verdict

I love this BB Cushion! It gives a gorgeous natural finish to your complexion. The only downsides are the strong fragrance, the difficulty on drier skin, and its only being available at Target. If you can get your hands on it, I would definitely recommend it! It’s also a great value with the included refill.

Have you tried the Laneige BB Cushion? What is your favorite forumla for base makeup (liquid, powder, cream)? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to share and subscribe if you like my posts! Also be sure to check out Adoredee’s review of this BB Cushion for another perspective and pictures on a different skin tone! Until next time bisous!






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