Review: Mediheal Dress Code Blue Sheet Mask

Today is another review from my Winter Skincare Haul! I’m reviewing the Mediheal Dress Code Blue Sheet Mask. This one is described as aqua care and is intended to help with moisturization and smooth skin. Let’s get to the details!


As usual, there isn’t much to the packaging of a sheet mask, but I still like to acknowledge it. The design fits into the theme of the product (more on that later 😉 ) and is very, very pretty. The vast majority of the text is in Korean including the instructions. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that there was a full ingredient list in English which is a bonus.


leftover essence

I bought this sheet mask mostly because of the design! It is made to look like a blue jeweled masquerade mask. I’m a sucker for pretty products in general. The mask itself actually is really nice though. The first thing I noticed about it is that it is super soaked in essence. There was even a good amount left inside the package after taking the mask out. I always love when there is extra essence left-over because I can use it on my neck and shoulders. With this mask, I even had enough extra for my forearms! The mask itself was quite cooling and refreshing. It has ingredients like lavender extract, aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed collagen, and rosemary extract. The soothing and moisturization benefits make sense. I wasn’t at all disappointed with the look of it either. It looks quite beautiful on unlike some sheet masks! The fit of it was nearly perfect. I often find that sheet masks can be a bit too small for my face or bunch up around my nose and forehead. I had neither problem with this one. Lastly, I loved the fragrance that it had. The smell was very sweet and fresh with just a touch of floral. It was definitely noticeable but not overly powerful!


My skin looked and felt immediately better after taking it off. My face was more moisturized and even appeared brighter and more luminous. Though this is pretty typical of sheet masks, I seemed to notice it more after using this Mediheal one! The next day the effects of it didn’t seem quite as astounding, but I could still see and feel a touch of improvement to my usual morning face. Overall, I was still pleased.

(left: immediately after application; right: the next morning)

Final Thoughts

I would buy this mask again. I love the fit and design! The results were great immediately after application and on par with other sheet masks that I’ve tried the next day. I would definitely recommend these; they are fun, effective, and feel great and for less than $3, you can’t go wrong. You can find them at KoreaDepart!



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