Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara Review

Hi everyone! Sorry that I’ve been away for a while; I haven’t been feeling well. I’m back now with a review for the Ubame Mascara by Milk Makeup. If you haven’t heard of Milk Makeup yet, they came out early this year. Their focus is on easy, convenient, expressive, naturally formulated cosmetics for the girl who is always on the move. Their aesthetic and focus on self-expression and multi-functional products really appealed to me. I also love that they are Eco-friendly. You can check out the brand here. Their Ubame Mascara promises extra volume and a serious push-up to your lashes. Let’s see how it works!


The mascara comes in a package reminiscent of a traditional squeeze toothpaste tube. It is simple and sleek with a white background and extra-large, gray typeface. The mascara tube comes inside a clear plastic cylinder. I imagine this is to keep the tube from being pressed during shipment, but it gives it a modern look as well! The exterior cylinder has a brief description and directions in English. The packaging doesn’t have any ingredients listed though. Overall, it is understated but fits with the easy-going brand aesthetic.


Milk Makeup stays true to their dedication to natural formulations with the Ubame Mascara. According to the description, it is made with 74% natural ingredients. The name comes from its reliance on ubame oak charcoal as well as sapphire powder to help achieve the rich, black color. I was intrigued by the unique shape of the brush. According to the online description, the triple ball shape is to create three distinct points of contact to help lift and curl the lashes. Formula-wise, this mascara is a bit drier than most I have used. Odd texture aside, I love the charcoal black color!



Even though the formula’s consistency was different than what I would expect, I didn’t notice it affect the application or wear. The mascara applies and removes easily. You can really feel the triple ball pushing up on your lashes as you apply it! It did give my lashes a good amount of lift. I didn’t notice any difference in curl, but I naturally have curled lashes so I wouldn’t be the best judge of that. I had been worried that the bulbous shape of the wand would make doing my bottom lashes impossible, but surprisingly I didn’t have problems with it at all. Overall, this mascara does a great job of defining lashes and adding some length and subtle volume. I wouldn’t describe it as a volumizing mascara, because it was very mild in that regard. Don’t just take my word for it; here are some pics!



Final Thoughts

I like this mascara. It is great for everyday definition with a touch of volume! If you are going for that defined but natural look, this mascara could be a perfect fit. I have been using it a ton to pair with my more understated eye looks. Voluminous lash lovers, this mascara isn’t for you. Otherwise, I would recommend it and am looking forward to trying other Milk Makeup products too. You can find the Ubame Mascara here at the official Milk Makeup site or here at Sephora.

Have you tried anything from Milk Makeup? How do you like your lashes: lightly defined or super voluminous? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and share! Until next time, bisous!


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