Review: Morphe Brushes 12Z Zodiac Smokey Eye Palette

Hi all! I’m back with a review that is in line with the stars, speaks to the universe, and is here to help step up your smokey eye game! ……..Too much? Regardless, I have the 12Z Zodiac Smokey Eye Palette by Morphe Brushes photographed, swatched, tested, and ready to go. This palette was a part of their more recent Pick Me Up collection. If you follow makeup artists on Instagram, you have probably heard of Morphe Brushes at some point.  I decided to give some of their eye shadows a try to see what they are all about. So let’s get to the details.


The packaging for the palette is extremely simple and straightforward. It comes in a black box with the Morphe brushes logo with the actual palette also in black with the same logo. The quality is sturdy, functional, and clean. It doesn’t have a mirror or any other add-ons. You can tell that the focus is put into the product over the packaging which works for me! (As a side note, I will mention that when I first received these directly from Morphe Brushes they were bubble wrapped to no end to make sure none of the shadows shattered which was nice!)


This palette has 12 different shadows ranging from bright silver to matte black.  The pigment of all of the colors is quite beautiful! I noticed that some of them went on sheer and had to be packed on ever so slightly to reach full opacity, but it isn’t excessive or bothersome. As far as color aesthetics are concerned, several of the the shadows have unique undertones that didn’t show up until swatched. I liked the texture of all but one of the shadows. Some of them were buttery smooth like the duo-chrome brown with blue-green shift; others were slightly powdery but still great. The only color I had difficultly with was the forest green which was chalky. It is still usable but it is difficult to apply and to blend in comparison to the other colors. Blending wasn’t an issue with the rest of the palette! The versatility of it is a bonus as well. There are a few metallic shades, two mattes, a duo-chrome, and the rest are satins. The colors range from cool grey tones and blues to rosy plums and purples so there are a lot of options for looks in a palette this small.  I feel like some of the colors could coordinate better, but still you can do a lot of different things with the included colors and finishes!


natural light
with flash


The wear of these shadows is wonderful! I have done several eye looks with them and have had no problems with them fading, creasing, or smudging throughout the day. Even without an eye primer they wore well. Even when wet they don’t smudge easily! They remove well with either makeup wipes or an oil based cleanser.

Final Thoughts

I’m loving this palette! The colors are gorgeous. The textures overall are very nice. I do wish there was a bit more consistency between the textures of the different colors, but almost all makeup brands have some variance. I got this palette for $14.99 and the quality that you get for the price is superb. I’ll be picking up more products from Morphe Brushes in the future! Check out the 12Z Zodiac Smokey Eye Palette on the official Morphe Brushes website here (they ship internationally with some exceptions).

Have you tried any products from Morphe Brushes? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and until next time bisous!




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