Nature Republic Real Nature Cucumber Mask Sheet Review

Hi again! By now I’m sure you know of my undying love for sheet masks. I had never tried one from Nature Republic though! As their name indicates, they are a Korean cosmetics brand which tends to focus on natural ingredients in their products. I got their Real Nature Mask Sheet in Cucumber in my first MaskBox and decided to give it a review, so let’s get to the details.


I love the photo-realistic image of the cucumbers on the front! It fits in perfectly with the natural theme. On the reverse, there are some pictorial directions typical of sheet masks. There are also instructions and a full ingredients list in both Korean and English.


The main star of this mask is the cucumber. As an skincare ingredient, it has the benefit of both hydrating and softening the skin. Some other notable ingredients in this mask are lavender extract which is a calming antiseptic, peppermint extract which can help with brightening your complexion, and eucalyptus extract which is not only soothing but has anti-inflammatory properties. One that I wasn’t as familiar with in this mask was oregano extract which is an antioxidant, anti-fungal, antiviral herb and which is even believed to help treat rosacea, acne, and oily skin! Overall, it’s not a particularity inventive mix but it is a good one especially for someone who wants a soothing mask experience!

The mask itself had the perfect amount of essence. It was fully soaked and there was none leftover in the package. Even though that meant no excess to use on other body parts it also meant absolutely no mess or drip. The fit was good. It sat really well across my forehead, nose, and cheeks but ran up into my hairline near my temples. What captured my attention the most was the feel of the mask though! The texture is astonishingly thin and smooth. In the pictures, you can see how the mask is definitively sheer. The lightness as a result of the texture combined with the cooling sensation made for a lovely masking experience. It also had a light refreshing fragrance which added to the effect.


I didn’t see a significant difference in the appearance of my skin after using this mask. There was some slight brightening and a pimple I had did diminish slightly. The most noticeable change was in the texture of my skin. I’ve never had ultra smooth baby soft skin but I felt like this mask brought me pretty close albeit temporarily but still!

immediately after use……………………………………………next morning

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this mask. It’s great for a sensory experience with sheet masking: the feel on the face, the scent, the softness of your skin afterwards. From my experience, it might not give you visible skin results though. I would consider this mask again just from the relaxing experience factor or try another variety in the line since my skin is usually pretty healthy. For anyone looking for more potent results, this doesn’t seem to be your best bet though.

Have you tried any of Nature Republic’s sheet masks? How important are natural ingredients to you in your skincare products? Share your thoughts in the comments! Also don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you’ve read! Thanks and until next time bisous!


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