My Rediscover and Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Days 4-7

Hi everyone! I know I have gotten super behind with this post. I had some problems with my nose piercing so I haven’t been wearing makeup for a few weeks and then on top of that I’ve been feeling really unwell. Now though, I’ve finally gotten all of my looks finished and will show them here! For anyone who doesn’t know what this post is about, I challenged myself to take one of my old barely used eye shadow palettes and use it in my makeup looks for 7 makeup days in a row. You can check out the palette and challenge details in my first post here. Let’s get onto the final looks!

Day 4

So for day 4 I decided that I wanted to do something with glitter! I also hadn’t utilized the blue shade much so I decided to showcase it here!

Products Used:

Day 5

I was apparently feeling very glam this day because this look came out very chic. Cut creases are so fun but a bit tricky for me so I felt doing one for this challenge just seemed right. I tend to have a flair for the more dramatic (more of that in the next look) so I’m glad I went with a stripped back color palette. Also lets all please note how lit my highlight is!


Products Used:

Day 6

Okay to be frank by this point I was getting kind of bored. I had utilized pretty much all of the colors in the palette and was looking to have some fun. So I just picked out the two shimmer shades threw in some red………..and oh just a bit of graphic bright green eyeliner. This is probably one of my favorite eye looks in general now! Also this Urban Decay eye shadow used as a highlight might have to be my go to because that glow is serious!!!

Products Used:

Day 7

Finally, I got to the last day. I actually did this look while I was out of town visiting a friend so I wanted to make sure it was something wearable vs straight up Instagram makeup. I used the neutral shades as well as the glitter ones for this look. I really like how this last one came out!

Products Used:

So that’s the end of this little challenge if I can even really call it that! I actually ended up liking this palette a bit more after doing this and can see myself using it more. I might also do this again but just on my Instagram with my Morphe Zodiac palette. As always thanks for reading and bisous!

p.s. If you want any of the specific products named instead of just the photos, let  me know in the comments. I didn’t want to spend additional time writing them all out if no one was interested because I have a lot to catch up on.



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