My Rediscover & Reuse It Makeup Challenge! : Intro & Days 1-3

So you know how a lot of us who are into makeup and beauty have those products that sit unused collecting dust? Maybe you didn’t like it as much as you thought you would and threw it to the side. Or maybe you got distracted by all your new products and took a longer than expected break from it. Maybe you literally didn’t remember you had it!¬† It’s something that I’ve noticed more and more as I’ve continued buying newer things. So I decided, wouldn’t it be fun to try to put some of my forgotten products to use?!? That’s how I came up with what I’m calling my Rediscover & Reuse It Makeup Challenge!


The product I chose to focus on was one of the very first eye-shadow palettes I bought when I became interested in makeup! This is the Clio Professional¬† Eye Styler Kit in the Walk the City version. I’m pretty sure it was discontinued a while ago, though their newer Pro palettes seem to have a few overlapping shades in a newer formula.

Reasons Why I Dumped This Palette

  • the shades were a bit more glittery (and messy) than I expected
  • they aren’t super pigmented
  • they don’t last particularly long

So basically overall this palette was a dud. Frankly, the only reason that I still have it is that I’m a bit (a lot) of a beauty and clothing hoarder. I still have a toner from two years ago that I didn’t like that well and don’t use because it looks nice in my beauty display. Also I just got rid of a pair of jeans turned cut off shorts that I’ve had since high school. And still the only reason I let them go was because they finally got a giant hole… right over the middle of my booty. Clearly I have a problem! Still the fact that this palette was underwhelming only made doing this challenge…well more challenging!

very heavy swatches of the Walk the City palette


So the rules for this challenge were pretty simple. I had to use more than one shade from this palette in my eye makeup for 7 consecutive makeup days (I say makeup days because I don’t wear makeup every day). I also decided that at least one of the shades used couldn’t be the matte black, deep brown, or cotton primer. That would have been taking the easy way out and the purpose of this was to be creative! Lastly, I could use the palette in conjunction with other eye-shadows and products. I’m decent with makeup but I’m not a makeup maven that could come up with 7 unique looks using only these colors!

Day 1

So for the first day, I decided to only use colors from the Walk the City palette. I didn’t use all of the colors and it ended up being a more subtle look than I normally do. It also shows a bit of the limitation of these colors. (Side Note: You’ll have to excuse my skin! I started this challenge right after a sick spell and those always take a toll on my face.)

Here’s a pic of the products I used for the remainder of the look:

I finished off my eye makeup with Milk Makeup’s Ubame mascara. I used my Chosungah 22 Bounce Up Pact Foundation, their 24HR Ray Beam Highlighter, and Hope Girl’s Powder Pact as my base makeup. My lip color is the Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Sin. The Nudestix pencil coupled with an Enprani blusher is the cheek color. You might notice that there is an Urban Decay single eye shadow in there. I actually used that (in the shade Chase) as my highlighter and not on my eyes!

Day 2

For day two, I decided to get an early start with glitter bomb silver shade. I decided to keep the rest of my eye makeup neutral with just a pop of color. I really like how this turned out and would maybe wear a look like this again!

I used a wider range of products to make this whole look work!

The Missha M Magic Cushion¬† and Hope Girl Powder Pact acted as my base. In addition to the Clio palette, I used the Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Jello Kit 2, the NYX Eye Pencil in Teal, and Hope Girl mascara on eyes. The green shade from my Pony Effect Master Eye Palette holographic is my highlighter. To achieve the shimmering lip color, I layered OCC Cosmetics Lip Tar in Derelict with Colourpop Super Shock shadow in So Quiche and then Urban Decay’s Moondust Single in Solstice!

Day 3

I was feeling colorful for day three so I came up with this look loosely isnpired by the sunset!

Getting this look to work with the colors from the Walk the City palette was harder than expected. I had to pull out a few other eye shadow products that I don’t use a lot!

Once again, I went for the Chosungah 22 Bounce Up Pact Foundation and 24HR Ray Beam Highlighter as my base makeup. The Winky Lux Rainbow Brow Palette & Morphe Brushes 35U palette (not pictured) supplemented my Clio palette for the eye look. My highlight is the Etude House My Little Nut Cheek Beam. And my lip color is a combination of Peripera Peri’s Ink in Get the Eye and 3CE lipstick in V.

That’s all of have for Part 1 of my Rediscover and Reuse It Makeup Challenge. So far this has been really fun! Would you ever consider giving something like this a try? What do you think of my looks so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’ll have Part 2 up sometime soon. As always, thanks for reading and bisous!




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