Review: Banila Co. it Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet

Today’s review is going to feature one of my new favorite sheet masks! The it Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet as the name implies is designed to be as beautiful as it is functional. It features a full lace pattern in addition to the tradition sheet mask skin goodies. I’m reviewing the version Calming which contains Aloe and Edelweiss. Excited yet? Let’s get to it!


As a sheet mask there isn’t too much to the packaging, but I always like to acknowledge it! This one has a subtle cream and pale pink floral background. The writing is a combination of pink and black. Simple silver touches add a little richness to the design as well. Overall it is sophisticated and pretty. The one downside would be that the entirety of the reverse is in Korean, both the instructions and the ingredients. The lack of English could be intimidating to some.


When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was how good this sheet mask smelled! It was wonderful! The fragrance was a deep, sweet floral. There might have been a subtle fruitiness to it as well but I’m not super adept with aromas. I just know I loved it! The aroma is quite strong though so that might be an issue for people who are more sensitive to fragrance. The mask sheet is made in two pieces. A better fit can be achieved by doing this so I am always happy when mask sheets are made this way! I also noticed that it is thinner than other hydrogel mask sheets I have used. This made for a lighter feel on my skin. It was still packed with essence though and remained moist for the entire 40 minutes I wore it. Isn’t it pretty on? Well, I think it’s pretty; my mom did upgrade me from zombie to zombie bride for this sheet mask in comparison to others so I’ll take it.  Regardless, it’s a perfect sheet mask for mask selfies!


After taking it off, my skin looked instantly brighter and more radiant. That natural glow from within radiance that skincare junkies crave, this product delivered it! It was also quite moisturizing as well though not the best sheet mask I have used in that regard. Even the next day, my skin still looked and felt healthier and smoother than usual. I even noticed that it helped shrink a pimple that I had at the time. So yeah, I’m pretty impressed with this product!

Immediately After Use/Next Morning

Final Verdict

I would recommend this 100%! The product works great and is beautiful as well. And it helped with my breakout. Pretty and pimple fighting for the win! It is a little bit pricier than some sheet masks, but you get quality and pzazz for the price. I’m looking forward to trying the other varieties!

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