Review: Banila Co. V-V Elastic Dual Patch

So today’s review is going to be the first review of the products from my recent winter skincare haul! I have been strangely fascinated by Banila Co.’s V-V Elastic Dual Patch since I first saw it. It is a multi-masking product designed for both your chin and cheeks. I have finally given it a try and am ready to tell you all about it!


The packing is simple yet effective. I love the red and silver colors. The cheek patches and chin patch are stored in separate pouches so that the different ingredients from them don’t mix accidentally. The only downside for me is that there isn’t any English on the packaging except the name. There are a few diagrams on the back but besides that everything is in Korean.


The two portions of the product are made entirely differently. For your chin, there is an elastic sling (the only word I can think of to describe the thing). It is supposed to help firm and lift the skin around your jawline. The sling has a gel layer on one side of it which is applied to the face. The other side has a texture similar to brushed neoprene. To put it on, you position it on your chin and then loop the included holes over your ears to keep it tight and in place. It took me a little finagling to get it on! I would suggest stretching it slightly beforehand to make it easier. I’m not too sure if it was just too small for my face or if it was supposed to be as tight as it was; regardless, it was anything but comfortable. It pulls down on your ears, and I had to keep pushing the loops to the back of my ears to keep it from slipping off. While annoying, it wasn’t that bad.

The second portion for your cheeks is two adorable heart-shaped hydro gel patches. Moisturizing and plumping are the goals of this portion and let me tell you these things are INCREDIBLE!!!! They are the most moisturizing mask sheet or patch product that I’ve used to date. Each patch covers a good portion of your cheeks and stays put really well. I managed to keep them on the entire time that I was figuring out the accompanying chin strap! I had both pieces on for a good 25 minutes, but I could easily have left these on longer. I seriously want to buy several more of the Dual V-V packages just so I can have a bunch of the heart patches to stick all over my face. I wouldn’t actually do that, but that’s how good they are!


Here are some obligatory pictures of me wearing the product. It definitely looks a bit strange on!


I’ll be real; I bought this product just because of the novelty of it. I hadn’t been expecting much. However, I am more than happy with the results. My cheeks looked and felt smoother and more moisturized. The skin along my jawline did feel slightly firmer after taking it off. It was subtle, but I could indeed feel a difference. Even the next day, my cheeks felt and looked better than normal.

immediately after
next morning

Final Verdict

I’m pretty impressed with this product overall. The hydro gel patches are obsession-worthy and the chin strap is effective. Depending on your face shape and comfort level, the chin strap might be too bothersome. Even if that turns out to be the case, you still have the cheek patches though! I especially think the patches would be handy for soothing wind burnt cheeks during the winter. I will definitely be getting this product again. You can find it here at KoreaDepart.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Banila Co. V-V Elastic Dual Patch

  1. I really didn’t expect them to do something 🙂 great now there is one more crazy Korean invention beauty to try. And it looks so funny on you, I imagine people seeing me like that LOL, they would probably think it’s something medical


    • Kendra Janelle says:

      I’m really didn’t expect much from it either. I agree it’s funny looking! I laughed at myself wearing it. It almost looks like a chin brace for if you broke your jaw or something lol. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than some of the sheet masks that look mummy-like 🙂 .

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