Review: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

Hi everyone! Today, I’m back with a skincare product review as a part of my winter skincare haul. The winter portion of these reviews isn’t going quite as planned since it has yet to get cold where I live (it was 74° F ( 23° C) on Christmas day here). However, I’m going to keep at it regardless of whether winter ever decides to show up or not. Today’s review is going to be for the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence. Before I bought this one, I had always used Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. While I never had any problems with it, I was looking for something a bit more budget friendly this time around. The Benton Essence has both snail mucin and bee venom and is supposed to be good for troubled and sensitive skin types. Let’s get to the details.


The packaging of this product has a very rustic and natural aesthetic. The essence comes in a dark brown pump bottle (there is 60 ml of product) with white script. (The dark bottle has the benefit of keeping the ingredients more stable by minimizing their exposure to light.) The original box is made from plain brown cardboard with dark brown script. It is very simple and unassuming. There is a full description in English on the box as well as a full ingredient list in English as well in addition to the usual Korean. Overall, the packaging is simple and functional with no flair or decoration.


This essence is chocked full of great skin ingredients. Instead of using water as the base, the Benton essence uses snail mucin filtrate. For those unfamiliar with this idea, yes, snail mucin comes from snail slime. While it may seem gross at first, snail mucin is known to have amazing skin benefits such as helping produce more collagen, improving elasticity, promoting cell renewal, helping skin retain moisture, and even reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Though from a clinical perspective more research needs to be done when incorporated into beauty products, many people swear by it. I was a snail mucin doubter who has been converted *praise hands*. Trust me it’s not as weird as it seems. This essence also contains bee venom (another weird one) which has anti-aging benefits. Don’t let the first two turn you off though, this essence also contains aloe, willow bark extract, althea rosea flower extract (Hollyhock) all know for their soothing and/or anti-inflammatory properties. As far as ingredients go, this essence is a win!

I also love the use aspect of this product. It has a gel consistency unlike many other essences including the Missha First Treatment Essence which have a consistency similar to water. With that one, I was always pouring out too much by accident or just in general being unsure of how much to use. The Benton gel takes away that uncertainty. A small pump is enough for my whole face. I definitely feel like I am wasting a lot less. The one aspect I don’t like about this product is the smell. It is unscented, but the natural ingredients together have an unpleasant melted plastic-y scent to them. While not a deal breaker, I definitely don’t look forward to getting the product near my nose everyday.


I used the Benton essence day and night for a total of 10 days ( a little short I know) with no other changes to my skincare routine. I wanted to see if 1.) my skin started to not look as good from switching from the Missha essence to this one and 2.) if it would actually improve my skin any. I was quite pleased. Not only did my skin not have a setback from stopping the Missha essence which helped my skin so much when I first got it, it actually looks even better. My skin texture overall is a bit smoother and my complexion is brighter  and more radiant (and tbh slightly paler 😐 ). Also, the tiny bit of redness I had is completely gone! Overall, I am happy with it.


Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this essence. It is easier to use in my opinion than the water-y essences on the market and has comparable results. It is also quite budget friendly at around $15 at most retailers. If you want to give it a try, you can find it at YesStyle or at W2Beauty!

Do you have a favorite essence or “weird” skincare ingredient/product you swear by? Share down in the comments. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share or subscribe! Also check out my Instagram account for makeup looks and skincare posts. Bisous!




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