Review: CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner

Today’s review is going to cover one of my favorite things: colored eyeliner! CLIO’s Gelpresso Pastel Upper Liner was a part of my haul a little while ago, and I am now ready to tell you all about it. It’s designed to be worn above your regular eyeliner to add sleek color and dimension to your eye look. Sounds fun already, right? So let’s get on the the details:


The packaging of these eyeliners is simple and clean. Both the box and eyeliner pen are white with accents of the individual liner’s color. The packaging being unique to the eyeliner color, though not a new concept, is always helpful when you have multiples like I do! The gel liner is in a twist up format. There is also a decent sharpener built into the base. Overall, it is both attractive and functional.


I got two colors, Mint-Ade and R.O.C.K., which can be seen in the swatches below:

no flash/with flash


When I first got these my main concern was about how the pastel colors would show up on my skin. However, as seen above they color payoff is AMAZING! The colors manage to remain true to the pastel palette without being washed out or sheer. I’m not sure how CLIO managed to create such a vibrant pastel, but I’m all about it! The pens also glide on smoothly and cleanly. The formula for these is golden!


One word to describe the wear of this product is IMPRESSIVE! After initially applying it, I rubbed over both swatches in both directions and the lines didn’t budge. Check one for smudge-proof! I then ran water over them and even rubbed them in the process. Again the product stayed put. Check two for waterproof!

Lastly, I even rubbed the colors when drying off my skin and the color still remained. Check three for what exactly did they put in this stuff!?!

After rubbing dry it’s still there!

Though this liner stays on through thick and thin, it removed easily with my makeup remover wipes. I use E.L.F.’s eye makeup remover pads for reference. In addition to the swatches I did, they stayed put on my relatively oily lids all day with no problems.

Final Verdict

I absolutely love this product! The color payoff is great, the wear is amazing, and they are just straight up fun to use! As always, thanks for reading and until next time! Bisous <3


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