Review: CLIO Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in Bright Myung

Today’s review will cover Clio’s Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip. The Tinted Lip is one of several products in their Virgin Kiss line. I got the tinted lip in Bright Myung. It is advertised as being able to tone down too bright pinks or oranges and help with an gradient lip look. Let’s see how it fared!


LOVE! The exterior box is a combination of matte black with shiny black and written yellow accents which coordinate with the lip color. There is a brief English description of the collection on the reverse. The lipstick tube is is a matte black with the same yellow writing on it. What I really love is that the graphic on the tube continues on the inside after the cap has been removed. Though completely unimportant, this little touch really adds to the overall look of the product!


The yellow color looks striking in the tube, but is actually very sheer when applied. It does show up but it is obviously not highly pigmented. The feel of the tint is nice. It has a slightly thick feel when first applied, but I found it to be surprisingly moisturizing. Overall not bad, but it is very clear that this product is simply meant to enhance your existing lip colors and could not be worn alone.


no flash
with flash


I haven’t included any pictures of the product on my bare lips. I did try it though; it doesn’t look good but solo wear isn’t what this product was designed for. (I was not so secretly hoping that it could be layered up to achieve a pigmented look but alas not to be!) After that experiment, I decided to give the product a try at its intended purpose. I pulled out one of my favorite pink lippies (no I’m not Australian but I like the word!), swiped it on and then put on some of the Bright Myung along the outside of my lip line. The gradient effect can be seen; it is very subtle, however! So subtle that I had difficulty capturing it with my camera phone (saving up to buy a real camera is on my list).

pink lipstick alone
pink lipstick with touch of myung lip tint around outer edge

The subtlety isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. The effect is quite beautiful even if no one aside from yourself would be able to put their finger on how your lip look was different than normal.

If mixed entirely with my pink, the tint did provide a quite nice subtle peach color that I liked.

Final Thoughts

The packaging is great and the formula is nice. I’m glad to have bought this lip tint. As of now, I’m not sure I would purchase it again though. I might update this post as I play around with it more as this was my first impression. I do think it might be great for a makeup lover who has a few different colors they are tired of or want to spice up some. Someone more talented with makeup than myself could probably do ombre wonders with it!

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