Review: Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be the first of two posts on some K-beauty products I recently picked up from Sephora. I was super excited to see that they have started to carry a wider variety of both K-skincare and K-makeup! Today’s review is for the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil. I suffer from terribly dry, often flaky, skin in the winter. I’ve tried tons of different creams and lotions and they didn’t tend to have lasting results and were often heavy and didn’t absorb properly. That’s why I splurged a bit to try this product. It is a mousse to oil moisturizer which seemed pretty ideal, so I was excited to give it a try. Let’s get down to the details.


This packaging is true to Too Cool for School form for those familiar with it! It has cute little oil bottle and whisk doodles as decoration on the peach and white box. Since this version was made specifically for the western market, it has a full description, ingredient list, and instructions in both English and French. There is no Korean on the product at all (though the product is still made in Korea) To get the mousse to oil effect, the body oil comes in an aerosol can. The can has a few matching doodles to the box and has a brief description in English and French. The typical caution script associated with aerosol products is on both the box and can in both languages as well. The dispenser is raised which I personally find easier to use and less likely to jam than some of the ones that are designed flush with plastic all around. The cap to cover the dispenser is clear.


In consistency, the product is slightly foamy but is indeed like a mousse. Be sure to shake it vigorously or the consistency won’t be right. It is extremely lightweight and applies smoothly. After pumping it out, the mousse starts to transform into an oil as soon as you rub your hands together or rub it directly onto your skin. It has a fragrance of similar strength to many scented lotions with both a sweetness and a slight muskiness to it (sorry I’m terrible at describing fragrances). I personally love it, but wouldn’t be surprised if someone else might find it a tad overpowering. The fragrance tends to linger quite strongly if not applied in a ventilated area. The way this product absorbs so quickly is one of the things I like best about it. Unlike some lotions or oils which seem to sit on top of your skin this one rubs in completely. It doesn’t feel as moisturizing as most lotions when applied probably because it is so light. However, my skin feelsĀ  softer and smoother when I use it and doesn’t flake or have that dry itchy feeling all day. I think it would be the perfect lightweight moisturizer for summer. It works for my purposes for winter too but depending on your personal preference, you might want something heavier.


Here are some before and after shots of my skin with the mousse applied.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend this product. My one downside would be that at $25 it is a bit expensive in comparison to quite a few moisturizers. I’m hoping that it lasts a while though because I find that most products packed as aerosols can be more long-lasting than they would seem. That would help offset the price. If it doesn’t run out quickly, I would buy it again! You can find it here at Sephora.

That’s all for today’s review. Be sure to check out my second K-beauty from Sephora feature where I’ll be reviewing Chosungah 22’s Bounce Up Pact!


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