Review: Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil


Today’s review is gonna be all about oil cleansing or in this case the Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. I’ve been using this as the first part of my double cleanse (an oil cleanser followed by a soap or foaming cleanser which is a common method in Asia) for a couple of months so I’ve really gotten an in-depth feel for it! Let’s get down to my pros and cons.


the oh so handy stopper!

The packaging of this cleanser is functional and straightforward. It comes inside a pump bottle that is simply decorated with a cream label. The bottle itself is a darkened brown which is beneficial because it helps keep the product stable by minimizing its exposure to light! There is a full description and instructions in English as well as a “Main Ingredients” list in English. The remainder of the writing is Hangul.  My absolute favorite part about this bottle is the stopper that comes on it though! Unlike some pump bottles that have a flimsy twist lock or none at all, this one comes with a study reusable stopper that clips on the side to lock the pump in place so it can’t dispense. This is one of the few pump bottles that I feel comfortable traveling with because let’s be real no one wants a bunch of oil, lotion, or whatever to accidentally squirt out in their luggage.


First things first, no this oil is not black! It’s actually colorless. I would guess the name was inspired by all of the oils used to create it such as black currant seed oil, black vegetable oil, and black soybean oil among others. It also has jojoba oil which is known to help sooth the skin. The oil has a faint yet pleasant scent. It smells very natural, almost woodsy or like a homemade medicine in an extremely good way. It’s difficult to describe but I don’t think it would be bothersome to most. This oil also feels incredibly nice on which is always a bonus!



When I first started using this oil, I was in love! I used it as both my makeup remover and as my first cleanser. The feel of it was amazing and it worked beautifully. It didn’t feel nearly as heavy as my previous oil cleanser (Banila Co. Clean It Zero). I even noticed that my skin started to look brighter and feel smoother and more moisturized. Amazing, right? After a few weeks, though I started to notice I was having some breakouts. After a bit of experimentation and thought, I realized it was because this cleanser hadn’t been removing my makeup quite as thoroughly as I had thought. Slight bummer. I have now, however, started removing my makeup with wipes beforehand and then cleansing and I haven’t had a problem since!

Final Verdict

Overall, I still really really like this cleanser. It is both (mostly) effective and skin beneficial. The ingredients make it great for people with sensitive skin too! My one caveat would of course be my less than stellar experience with using it to remove makeup. Depending on what makeup you use it might not be a problem though. I’d still recommend this product for its otherwise awesome properties!

Do you have a favorite oil cleanser? Do you use yours to remove makeup? Let me know in the comments! Also don’t forget to share, comment, and subscribe if you like my posts.



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