Missha M Magic Cushion #27 Honey Beige Review

Hi again after a bit of a break! Missha released their much anticipated M Magic Cushion last summer! Since they are known for their amazing BB Creams, it was a big deal. Alas when first released, it only came in two very pale shades so I couldn’t even bother to try it *sigh*. So you can imagine that when they finally expanded the range to include Honey Beige a few weeks ago, I crossed my fingers and immediately scooped one up! The Magic Cushion promises oil control, flawless coverage with no oxidation, and a skin soothing formula. Let’s get down to the details to see how it fared!


If the packaging of the Magic Cushion looks familiar, it’s probably because it looks quite similar to other cushion compacts on the market. It is very similar to my Laneige cushion compact only slightly thicker and is also just like the original Iope cushion compact. That being said, the clean silver and white color scheme with the slightly curved surfaces works beautifully (lack of originality aside). The included foundation puff is bouncy and soft. I am also impressed by how tightly sealed off the cushion itself is. The interior lid separating the puff from the contents is surprisingly sturdy. I had difficulty opening it at first since the seal was so tight!


full swatch
blended swatch


The BB cream inside the cushion is great. The formula is lightweight on the skin, but the coverage is impressive. I’d say up to medium coverage. The cushion holds the product properly and doesn’t leak. The included puff picks up and applies the BB cream nicely. I love the slightly dewy luminous finish that it leaves on the skin. The BB cream is scented with a clean slightly floral fragrance. It can be noticed after applied for several minutes but it’s not a strong scent. The formula is made with bamboo water, witch hazel extract, and baobab fruit tree extract to help moisturize and sooth the skin. I can’t say that my skin feels more moisturized when I wear it, but it does have a soothing sensation when first applied! Like most cushion compacts, the Magic Cushion doesn’t skimp on sun protection. With SPF 50 and PA+++ built in, you can get extra sun protection in your makeup!

Unfortunately this color is still about 3 shades too light for my skin. (I’m basing this on the color of my chest and neck not my face since my face is a bit sun-burnt. Take my face as a reminder to always use sun protection especially after using any product with anti-aging ingredients lol!) The color looks darker in swatches than it does when on the face. I also noticed that it looks a bit more neutral toned on my face which only makes the color mismatch between my face and body worse.

                      Bare Face……………………………………………………With Magic Cushion

Before and after close ups

As far as wear goes, I wore it all day and it went really well. My skin did develop a minute shine after several hours but I tested it without a setting powder. On my combination more oil prone skin that is still exceptional. It didn’t darken while wearing and it maintained its lightweight feel throughout the day. Overall, I am pleased with the wear.

                                  End of Day

Final Thoughts

I love the formula of this BB cream! Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, it’s still way too light for my skin. Especially with summer coming soon, I probably won’t be able to use this by itself for long without looking like I’m trying to whitewash my skin. If you think this color or either of the two lighter options would match your skin though, I say go for it! The coverage is beautiful, it wears well, and the formula has good for your skin ingredients. As for me, I’ll hope that they release this in a wider shade range and keep an eye out for BB creams/foundations that actually match my skin tone and don’t make my skin oil city. You can find the Missha M Magic Cushion at the official Missha websites or Sokoglam for US readers!

Do you have a favorite BB Cream? Ever tried any of the ones by Missha? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading and until next time bisous!




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    • Kendra Janelle says:

      Yes I saw! I’m definitely considering it especially since the one I have is running low. I’m not sure when but if I do I’ll be sure to post about it!

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