Review: Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation

Today’s review is going to be the first of two products from Korean brand Son & Park. The creators Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun both started off as the top makeup artists for some of Korea’s most famous ladies before launching their own cosmetics and skincare line. They are said to have popularized the luminous, dewy skin look among the Korean populace. A more natural look that is slowly making its way West. You can read more about them here. For now, as my first review of their products, I’m going to be trying their Glow Ring Foundation stick in the color 23.


The overall look of the packaging is simple yet sophisticated. The foundation comes inside a relatively plain black box with the Son & Park logo on it. There are instructions, description, and an ingredient list in English on the reverse. The foundation tube itself has shiny black caps at both ends combined with a glistening bronze center. (Sophisticated shiny/shimmer/sparkle always meets with my approval) The Son & Park Logo and product name are displayed on the center in a neat black font. The colors work well together and fit in with the product. Overall, the packaging is straightforward, and functional but very appealing. Just don’t lay it flat, it might roll away…



I was super impressed with the first swatch of this color I did. It’s been a while (think getting my makeup done for senior prom a while) since I used a shade that blended into my skin this well. As I mentioned before, this is the shade 23 natural. It also comes in one shade lighter called 21 light. I did not bother to try that one as I knew it would be WAY too light for my skin tone.

full swatch
blended in

This color blends almost perfectly on the inside of my arm. If only it blended that well on my face but that’s my own fault and I’ll get to it later.


Essence core

This product boasts several awesome features which outdo most other stick foundations. The first would be that inside the foundation is an essence core. For those unfamiliar with essences, they are one of the pinnacles of Korean skincare. They do fancy stuff to your skin on a biological level like increasing cell turnover so that your skin always looks fresh and youthful. They also tend to have other skin beneficial extracts in them as well. So basically, this foundation is the definition of good for your skin makeup. The second feature is the product’s Sebum Capture System designed to absorb excess oil throughout the day. So for anyone with oily skin, that is a huge bonus! Lastly, the stick has a built in blending brush opposite the foundation. This makes it both travel friendly and super convenient: no separate brush or messy fingers needed. The foundation itself glides on well and is extremely light-weight. I could easily mistake the feel for that of a light moisturizer. The built-in brush is firm but the bristles are soft and make for a perfect blending tool.



Putting it on hoping it will work

I really, really like the wear of this product. It wipes on smoothly and evenly and blends extremely well. The finish is a beautiful luminous just slightly glowing look. It is also incredibly natural. These pictures aren’t the best representation though. I might have gone one too many days outside forgetting my face sunscreen *hides head in shame* so now my face is a little bit darker (and more uneven) than usual. (Compare my bare face to my arm…) A fact which only emphasizes that this foundation is too light. Regardless, here are some photos:

bare face


after blending

The fact that this foundation doesn’t look god-awful on me actually shows its blend-ability and coverage. I would describe the coverage as light to barely medium in comparison to Western foundation but pretty close to full coverage in comparison to most Korean BB creams.

After having worn it all day, the coverage held up well. My skin had just a slight touch of oil at the end of the night (it normally does) but not nearly as bad as it has been using other foundations especially since I forwent my usual finishing powder to give this product a test.

a more recent better quality pic of me in the foundation

Final Verdict

Basically, this foundation is great! The coverage and finish are beautiful. It has good for your skin ingredients. The stick packaging with built in brush is great for makeup on the go. Before I get run away with myself, there are two downsides I will mention. The lack of color variation available. Therefore, I can only recommend this to people with pale to very light-medium skin tones unfortunately. I can barely wear this one and it doesn’t come any darker. Also be aware if you buy this too light like I did you won’t be able to layer it for more coverage. Second, it doesn’t mention having built in sunscreen which is something I’m used to from Korean BBs and foundations. Aside from that, this product is a must-try! Find it at Sokoglam here.

I also posted an in depth review of two colors of Son & Park’s Air Tint Lip Cubes, so take a look at that as well. Also don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe! Until next time bisous <3



4 thoughts on “Review: Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation

  1. Nine says:

    Awesome, haven’t seen a lot of reviews on this product yet and was hesitant to buy. My skin is a lot darker than the average Korean but lighter than yours, I was afraid it would be too light on me but it looks great on you. Excited to check it out! Your bare face is nice and clear btw.

      • Nine says:

        So I’ve tried it now and I love it. It does go on a bit light but blends in so nicely. Korean colors labeled “23” never work for me, I have it for the IOPE cushion which came out too pale and a Missha BB cream which came out grey. But this was great! Thanks so much for the helpful review!

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