Review: Stila Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner

Hi everyone! Today, I am going to be reviewing Stila’s Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner! It is Stila’s take on the K-beauty innovation of cushion dispensed makeup. Stila’s cushion liner is supposed to give you concentrated pigmentation with a lightweight application and allow for different finishes. I got the color Blue Sapphire Ink which is one of the metallic options. So let’s get down to the details.


The packaging of the cushion is very sleek and straight-forward. It comes in a pale gold box with a top colored to match the ink inside (yay for multiples). It has a brief description and instructions on the side. The cushion jar itself has a pale gold lid with the Stila logo on it. It is made of a sturdy plastic, but the bottom is designed to look like frosted glass (the color of the liner can be seen through it). The faux glass adds sophistication but makes the jar surprising light. It also makes me less concerned about breaking it. Overall, the look is both functional and pleasing aesthetically. Just remember to always store it upright so that the ink doesn’t run into the lid.


I adore the particular color that I decided to try! It is a gorgeous dark blue with blue and silver reflects! The ink is very pigmented and true to color. I was actually really impressed by how lightweight it is. It is incredibly easy to get the product on the brush using the cushion dispenser. Barely any pressure is needed to get a good amount of ink on the brush (at least when the cushion is close to full). After applied, it dries quite quickly. This turns out to be both a negative and positive, but I’ll get to that later. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply quite as smoothly as I would expect though. It tends to streak and the pigment doesn’t take evenly.



Trying to apply this eyeliner on my eyes is where it started to fall apart for me. Just so you know I didn’t use Stila’s recommended brush to apply it ($28 for a product specific eyeliner brush was a bit too much for me; especially since I already own three eyeliner brushes). I did try two different brushes (from MAC and Japonesque). I had a hard time getting a clean line with either brush. The liquid doesn’t apply evenly so you often have to go back over your line to get a consistent finish. Only problem with that is that the eyeliner tends to rub off if you brush over it a second time. Which means you have to very carefully stipple it on to fill in the gaps. The fast drying also becomes a problem when applying. The ink dries before I can even get a full line. The dried part then sticks to the brush and makes further application so much harder. So you have to flake the dried ink off your brush in between every few strokes.


The bright side is that when you finally get the liner applied it wears beautifully! The color doesn’t fade and it doesn’t smudge from your fingers touching it. It feels incredibly lightweight on the eyes. I barely remembered that I was wearing it. It lasted perfectly all day. The metallic finish of this shade (and several others) is gorgeously subtle and really adds the perfect touch. I feel like it really enhances my brown eyes too!

Final Verdict

Even though I love the look of this product, I probably won’t be using it often because it is so difficult for me to apply. If you want to give it a try with the Stila brush and/or are better at applying eyeliner than me (I’m no expert but I’m not bad either 😉 ) it could be amazing, emphasis on could; it might just be a makeup miss. I really, really wanted to love this product. Unfortunately, I don’t plan on buying it again.

Have any of you guys already tried this? What were your results? I would really love to know if mine was just a one-off. Do you have a favorite eyeliner that provides a metallic finish? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and bisous!


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