Review: Too Cool for School Glam Rock Mask

Today’s review is going to be for *spoiler*: One of my FAVORITE sheet masks, the Glam Rock Abracadabra Mask by Too Cool for School. It is a hydro gel mask designed specifically for the delicate skin around your eyes. Let’s get down to why this product is in my constant rotation:


The packaging is a matte black. It features the words “Glam Rock” in a shiny black patent and the description in gold. There is also a cute, gold masquerade mask figure on it. On the reverse, there is a full description, instructions, and ingredient list in both English and Korean. It is cool and slightly edgy without trying too hard so I like!


As I already mentioned, this hydro gel mask is meant for use on your eyes. Unlike some eye masks that are just under-eye patches, this one resembles a masquerade or super-hero mask in design. It has ingredients to both moisturize the skin around your eyes as well as ingredients to tighten and prevent/treat wrinkles. (Never too early to start right?) In addition to having some great effects, this mask just looks kick-butt when worn. It is a grey-black with an all over lace pattern. I seriously feel like I should put on a catsuit, strut around, cause trouble, and take names wearing this thing …… you know after I finish my pampering.


Here are some photos as evidence. Please ignore my hair; I didn’t care to fix it it was rainy and I had been wearing a hat most of the day.


I can honestly say my skin looks smoother, brighter, and more moisturized every time I use this. When I was on a girl’s weekend with my mom, she mentioned how great my skin looked when I first woke up the day after using this. Trust me that is a HUGE compliment that she noticed.

Final Verdict

I would obviously recommend this product…duh! It is one of my favorite sheet masks as it has been both effective and looks and feels awesome on. So if you think it’s for you, try one out and let your super-hero or super-villain feels reign…depending on your preference 😉

Have you tried eye masks before? Does how your sheet mask looks matter to you? Let me know in the comments. That’s all for today! Bisous <3


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