Review: Sally’s Box Delight Ceramide Hydro Gel Mask

Hey everyone! Today is one of the last reviews from my winter skincare haul. I’ll be talking about the Sally’s Box Delight Ceramide Hydro Gel Mask. According to the description, this mask is meant to help with moisture retention and make skin more resistant to environmental damage over time. Let’s get to the details!


The packaging of this sheet mask is true to Sally’s Box’s signature. Most of their mask products have a cute animated girl on them. On this particular mask, she is pictured underwater chilling (no Netflix) with some aquatic life. Basically she is Ariel sans the red hair and tail *thumbs up*. There are instructions and an ingredients list in English in addition to the typical Korean. As far as packaging goes, it is cute and functional and mermaid-y!


As stated in the title, this mask is set apart by its inclusion of ceramides. Ceramides are actually found naturally in the skin’s structure but can be lost due to skin damage. They are essential to maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier and without them skin can become chronically dry and irritated. Using a skincare product which contains them can help heal and moisturize extremely dry skin more than a typical moisturizer alone!  They also help with cell regeneration in additional to strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. This explains the claim that these masks can reduce environmental damage over time. In addition to the oh so wonderful ceramides, this mask contains extracts from aloe, jasmine, rosemary, spear mint, and green tea! This mask definitely packs in some great ingredients.

As far as wear and use go, I am exceedingly happy! This Sally’s Box mask fits my face almost perfectly. It didn’t bunch or pull anywhere. It didn’t extend too far up into my hair line. It didn’t cover my jaw completely but other than that the fit was right on! It is among the thinner of hydro gel masks which I prefer. It has a very subtle and fresh scent. Nothing overpowering or too noticeable. I wore it for about 45 minutes and it was lovely the entire time.


As far as results go, you will feel more of a difference than a visible change in my opinion. My skin didn’t look too different after using it, but it was noticeably more moist and plump to the touch immediately after use and the next day as well. Someone who has drier skin than me might see a more visible change. Still, here is my before (immediately after use) and after (next morning) as usual.


(Excuse the fact that I look like a suspiciously groggy woodland creature in the after photo. Let’s just chalk it up to sleep deprivation and carry on 😉 )

Final Thoughts

These masks are a great addition to one’s skincare routine. If you suffer from very dry skin or just want to add some extra moisture and protection these masks are worth a try! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe! Bisous! <3


2 thoughts on “Review: Sally’s Box Delight Ceramide Hydro Gel Mask

    • Kendra Janelle says:

      Glad I could make you laugh! 🙂 The fit on these mask is indeed amazing. I might get some more partly for that reason as well.

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