Skin79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser Review

Hi and welcome to the first beauty related post on the new site! I’ve been adding a number of new products to my skincare routine as I’ve been running out of the old ones. I’ve also noticed that my skin has been a bit finicky and that I’ve needed to pair down a bit. In tune with that, I’ve been using the Skin 79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser in the Adlay variety. One of several things which make this cleanser different is that provides a two-in-one product for your double cleanse! The cleanser claims to be able to remove dirt and build-up from the face while also moisturizing and brightening the complexion. Let’s see how it fared!


The packaging of this cleanser is cute but in a simple way. It comes in a glass mason jar with a locking mechanism so that it doesn’t pop open. I also love that it comes with a spatula for scooping out the product. Yay for functionality and hygiene! The exterior box is mostly in Korean but there are some instructions and descriptions of the product as well as a full ingredients list in English. I will say that opening and closing the container isn’t without its challenges. The seal is very tight: good for product life, not so great for opening and closing it everyday. There is also an additional plastic retainer inside that I’ve kept and continue to use and I may have accidentally pushed it too hard trying to get it sealed and squished it down into the product. Getting it back out was awful!


This cleanser boasts an impressive list of benefits. The first one is that it has a pH of 5. This has the benefit of being able to cleanse without stripping the skin of essential oils or damaging its protective layer. Secondly, this cleanser is made mostly of adlay water (66% to be exact). Adlay also known as coix or Job’s tears isn’t an ingredient I was initially familiar with. With some research, I’ve noted that it is rich in fatty acids and has a  good amount of vitamins B12 and E. Additionally, adlay is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties while also being able to reduce dark spots and smooth skin texture. Sounds pretty great, right? (For more about Adlay, check out this post here) The cleanser also contains 6 different plant extracts and 15 different plant oils. I’m not going to list them all but some of the ones that stood out to me were:  argan oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, calendula flower extract, rosemary leaf oil, and orange peel oil. Lastly for those who prefer natural ingredients, this cleanser is 98% natural! Just be aware that that means that it might degrade more quickly especially if not stored properly.

I also can’t forget how the cleanser looks and feels. Frankly the textures is odd and reminded me of cottage cheese in the container more than anything else. It can be a bit gummy and feels a bit sticky when you spread it on. Still, it lathers and rinses off surprisingly well! It can sometimes have a bit of an exfoliating feel which seems to come from a spare amount of granules of some kind that are mixed in. Scent-wise, the fragrance is fresh and slightly soapy but overall not too noticeable. I’m glad that I like it because the texture was what concerned me most about trying it.


I’ve been using the Yum Yum cleanser for about a month now and am very happy with it!  I feel like it cleanses just as well as my two product double cleanses from the past. My skin feels clean but not dry after rinsing it off. Even though my skin looks a little drier in the after photos, it actually isn’t! It also has more natural glow versus a shine that was the result of oil (it also doesn’t help that I made the mistake of taking my after photos immediately after cleansing instead of after my entire skincare routine, my bad). My skin has also become noticeably smoother and softer!



Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this cleanser and even consider buying it again. It gives you a double cleanse with the need for only one product, is packed with good for your skin ingredients, and actually improved my skin in just a few weeks. I really couldn’t ask for much more in a cleanser! You can find the Skin79 Natural 98 Yum Yum Cleanser in Adlay from Pretty & Cute here!

Do you have a favorite combo of cleansers or two for one product? Let me know in the comments! Also don’t forget to share and subscribe if you like my posts! As always thanks for reading and bisous!

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