Son & Park True Black Eye Pen Liner Review

Hi all! Eyeliner is one of my makeup must-haves. So when an eyeliner pen from Korean cosmetics brand Son & Park was released, I knew I had to give it a go. Son & Park’s True Black Eye Pen Liner promises smudge proof, calligraphy-like precision and a rich black color. Since your liner can never be too black or too sharp, let’s see how well the True Black Eye Pen works!


The exterior packaging is black with white script and designs. The original packaging is entirely in Korean. I got a version with English packaging from Sokoglam though. The reverse has a full description of the product. There are also application tips and a full ingredients list! Just be aware that you may not get English packaging depending on where you purchase from. The eyeliner pen itself looks almost identical to a sharpie. The shape makes it easy to hold and maneuver.


True black is a poignant description for this eyeliner pen. It is really black. The formula dries to a semi-patent finish. The applicator tip has the tapered shape typical of many pen liners. It is moderately thick overall though. The formula doesn’t run after being applied even though it takes several seconds to dry. I love how delicate a line you can create using this pen! It works well for either a small elegant or large bolder eyeliner wing. You just have to use a light touch when applying to achieve thin lines. Almost any pressure placed on the tip will cause the liner to spread. This made application a bit more difficult for me, because the liner would bleed into the creases on my lid if I wasn’t careful. The formula is smudge-proof, but also removes easily with soap and water or a plain makeup wipe. As a result, it isn’t waterproof.



The wear of this liner has been great. I haven’t had problems with smudging or smearing. The formula also doesn’t flake or crack after continual wear. The feel is also lightweight and comfortable. Here are examples of a simple lined lash-line and winged eyeliner look as well as a full eye look that I created with it.

Final Thoughts

I’m loving this eyeliner! Regardless of the bit of finesse required for application (most liquid pen liners require some), it is wonderful! It is a deep, true black. It doesn’t smudge or crack and you can create both bold and subtle lines with it. I’ll be using this for my winged liner for sure. You can find the Son & Park True Black Eye Pen Liner at Sokoglam for U.S. and select European readers or KoreaDepart for international readers!

Do you have a favorite black liner? What kind of liner do you prefer: liquid, pen, gel pot? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time bisous!


2 thoughts on “Son & Park True Black Eye Pen Liner Review

    • Kendra Janelle says:

      I feel you! Eyelining can be hard especially winged liner. When I first started with it, I found that using a gel pot liner with an angled brush was easiest! I tried other types after that. Practice is also key 😉

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