Hope Girl Ultra Moist Donkey Milk Cream Review

Hi everyone! So a few weeks back, I picked up the Hope Girl box from Memebox! I’ve been loving all of the items in it (you can see an overview here). Today, I’ll be talking about the main skincare goodie that was included: the Hope Girl Ultra Moist Donkey Milk Cream! This skin cream features tiny bursting capsules filled with donkey milk! It promises intense hydration and anti-aging effects in a luxurious formula. Let’s get to the details! Continue reading “Hope Girl Ultra Moist Donkey Milk Cream Review”


My First Memebox! Hope Girl Haul and Mini-Reviews

Edit June 18, 2017: Memebox is no longer selling products direct on their website 🙁 I’m still keeping this post up though because of the overview of the Hope Girl products, which I still enjoy.

Hello again beauty lovers! So I’ve been a fan of Memebox for a while. I get so many of my Korean skincare and Korean makeup products from there. Still, I usually buy the products individually, so I’m excited to have finally gotten my first box! I decided to get the Hope Girl box, since I’d never tried anything by them and I was in need of a new makeup primer. It came with 5 full-sized products from the brand! Keep reading to see an overview of the Memebox box and mini-reviews of a few of the included products. Continue reading “My First Memebox! Hope Girl Haul and Mini-Reviews”