Dramatic Skin Play: Sheet Masks

If there is anything that is quintessential to the K-beauty revolution it is the multi-step routine to achieve impeccably moisturized skin and sheet masks. Getting started with 5-10 different skincare products can be super intimidating but sheet masks are fun and super easy! That’s why they’re my favorite k-beauty goodie and have become a skincare staple. Today, I’ll tell you all about this perfect “facial in a flash” as well as a few places to find them! Continue reading “Dramatic Skin Play: Sheet Masks”


Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Sunscreen Review

Hello again! So clearly time management is not my thing because I’m like 4-5 posts behind. My bad…I’m back though and today I’ll do a brief little review of Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Sunscreen! Unsun is a black-owned sunscreen brand started by Katonya Breaux, Frank Ocean’s mom. It’s tinted and formulated to work on all skin tones especially darker skin tones! I talked a bit before about how everyone including black people need sunscreen even in the winter (and all year really). That’s why it’s so awesome that there are finally some brands that cater to people with some melanin! Let’s get on to the review! Continue reading “Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Sunscreen Review”


The 1 Winter Skincare Item Everyone Needs!

photos credits L-R: Savannah Walters on Unsplash ; Adithya Reza on Unsplash ; Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash

So it’s officially winter! The weather has gotten chilly or straight-up blizzard-like (it has here). Trying to stay warm and navigate the weather can be a challenge. Still you can’t forget to take care of yourself and a big part of taking care of yourself is taking care of your skin! You can only undo so much, so preventing damage to your skin is key. Today I’ll be talking about the 1 skincare item everyone needs in winter: sunscreen!

Packing winter gear like gloves and a scarf? Don’t forget the sunscreen!

A lot of people associate sunscreen with summertime. Sunscreen in your beach bag: pretty typical; sunscreen in your bag alongside your scarf and mittens: not so much. Protecting your skin from sun damage even in the winter is important and here’s 4 reason why you should start now: Continue reading “The 1 Winter Skincare Item Everyone Needs!”


The Ultimate Beauty ZZZsss: Korean Sleeping Packs

Hello again! Today, I am going to be posting more about Korean skincare specifically what is a sleeping pack. Before being introduced to K-beauty, I had never heard of such a thing. I’ll be honest; I really didn’t do much of anything to my face at night except maybe removing an occasional bit of makeup. However, now I am obsessed with them and am going to share why sleeping packs are so beneficial for your skin. Lastly, I’ll also touch on why night-time skincare is extra helpful for your skin (beauty sleep is a real thing!). Continue reading “The Ultimate Beauty ZZZsss: Korean Sleeping Packs”


Buffing for Beauty: Why You Need to Exfoliate

Hi Everybody,

So today’s post is part skincare tip & part review. I’ll be talking about exfoliating your skin and why it is so necessary. Lastly, I’ll tell you a little about my favorite exfoliator Skinfood‘s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask! Let’s get started with some basics. Continue reading “Buffing for Beauty: Why You Need to Exfoliate”