Review: Tonymoly Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara

Today’s review is going to be for Tonymoly’s Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara. This is one of the items I got from the Tonymoly store when I was in Dallas this summer. I’m finally going to do an official review for it now. I got the Big Volume version, so let’s see how it is! Continue reading “Review: Tonymoly Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara”


Review: Tonymoly My Little Pet Eye Patch

Today’s product review is the My Little Pet Eye Patch by Tonymoly. Meant as a essence treatment specially designed for the eyes, it is supposed to help moisturize and brighten that delicate under-eye skin. For those unfamiliar with essences, they are staples in Korean skincare. They are like a serum but have a broader range of benefits and aren’t quite as concentrated. Most have a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals which help with overall skin health. Continue reading “Review: Tonymoly My Little Pet Eye Patch”


Mini-Haul: Cheers for Tonymoly!

Hi again!

Today’s post is about what I got during my first ever in person K-beauty shopping experience! Since I live in a tiny little town, k-beauty hasn’t made it here yet (let’s be real most trendy things haven’t). However, I was recently in Dallas, TX and was able to check out quite a few Korean stores and restaurants. I’ll write a post about the entire experience later 😉 But for now let’s check out what I got from the Tonymoly store in Carrollton, Texas! Continue reading “Mini-Haul: Cheers for Tonymoly!”