Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask Review


Hello all! Today I have a new review for the Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO² Fresh Mask! So this mask has been sitting in my let’s call it beauty bar (which is really just half a dresser filled with nothing but skincare and makeup 🙂 ) for a while. I’m excited that I finally got around to using it. The Aqua Tok Tok Mask is a two step mask which promises to provide pore care, brighten skin, nourish the skin, and reduce wrinkles all while hydrating and being irritation free even for hyper-sensitive skin. That sounds like quite a bit to live up to, so let’s see how it fared! Continue reading “Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask Review”