Review: Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch

Hi again and welcome to the first post on the updated site! Today, I will be reviewing Tonymoly’s Panda’s Dream Eye Patch. This is the second eye patch from Tonymoly that I will be reviewing. This particular one is a sheet mask and is designed to look like the dark circle of a panda’s eyes! I’ll explain more about it after the jump.


As expected from Tonymoly, the packaging is adorable. It features a chubby animated panda with a little bamboo shoot on a pale pink background! There are instructional pictures on the back as well as a decent sized section with a brief description, directions, and full ingredients list in English. Overall, it is cute and balanced between aesthetics, visuals, and writing.


Each package comes with two relatively large eye patches. They have an oblong rectangular shape with curved edges which play right into their functionality. What sets these eye masks apart is that unlike many other eye mask products that just sit directly under the eye, these patches cover the entire eye area from the top of the cheek to above the eyebrow. They even have a half moon shaped slit inside them so that you can pull down the portion directly over your eye and still mask and see. It’s probably there to help you get from putting the patches on at the sink to sitting in a comfy chair or at least that’s how I use them…

For sheet maskers out there who enjoy fragrance, these patches have that covered too! It is a fresh floral scent that is soothing and pleasant. I also love the cooling refreshing feel of these patches. I left them on the entire recommended time and they were still moist when I took them off. Option for extra long pampering when needed: check!


Overall, the results of this product are pretty good. I noticed that the skin around my eyes felt more moisturized and that my under-eye area looked brighter both immediately after use and the next day. I did develop a few little bumps between the inner corner of my right eye and brow bone the day after using it though. They did only last a few hours though and this was my second time using these patches and the bumps didn’t occur the first time so it could have been something else. It wouldn’t discourage me from trying these again.

Immediately after use……………………………………………next morning

Final Verdict

I really like these eye patches. They are a great eye pick me up and the fact that they address the entire eye area is a unique and needed touch! Given the appearance of bumps I had, I would say proceed with caution or avoid if you have sensitive skin but otherwise I would recommend these. You can find them here at KoreaDepart.

Do you have a favorite eye mask or product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading and bisous!


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