Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask Review


Hello all! Today I have a new review for the Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO² Fresh Mask! So this mask has been sitting in my let’s call it beauty bar (which is really just half a dresser filled with nothing but skincare and makeup 🙂 ) for a while. I’m excited that I finally got around to using it. The Aqua Tok Tok Mask is a two step mask which promises to provide pore care, brighten skin, nourish the skin, and reduce wrinkles all while hydrating and being irritation free even for hyper-sensitive skin. That sounds like quite a bit to live up to, so let’s see how it fared!


I love the cool blues and white of this packaging! The graphic design features bubbles, a syringe, and a mask to play off the science-y aspect and name of the mask. The first step of the mask is portioned at the bottom of the packaging. The mask itself is in the larger segment at the top. All of the packaging is in Korean, so be sure to note the ingredients and the directions from any website that sells it. I referenced the ingredients list from


This mask is packed with different ingredients. Niacinamide in the first step is known for its skin whitening properties. Witch Hazel extract repairs the skin and helps fight bacteria. Peppermint leaf retains skin elasticity and minimizes pores. Propolis extract is an antioxidant and anti-fungal ingredient. German Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita) is known for its soothing properties but also has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. It is also considered anti-allergenic. In the second step, you will find sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These two ingredients seem to be responsible for the chemical reaction and the CO² in the Tok Tok Mask‘s name. According to, when water, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid are combined, they form a chemical reaction that releases CO²! Water and sodium bicarbonate also create a fizzling reaction which I’ll get into in the next section.


To use this mask, you start off by massaging the first step (a gel) onto your face. I was a bit overwhelmed by just how much gel there was! I looked like my face was just birthed by an alien! Keeping the gel on my face proved a bit difficult. There was nothing that really stood out about the feel. The only noticeable sensation was a faint sweet fragrance. For step two, the strangeness and difficulty only increased.

some of the gel from step one
step one on the face…slimy

The second step features a rigid dry mask in two pieces. One side is textured with a subtly shiny, grained plastic feel. The other side is a bit softer. After dabbing both sides, I figured out to use the softer side towards your face. Unfortunately, even after applied the right way, this mask fit horribly! The stiffness kept it from touching my entire face at any time. The portion over the bridge of my nose needed to be pushed flush constantly. It popped out around my chin and hairline as well.

Fit aside, let’s talk about how the mask feels. I already mentioned the chemical reactions from which this mask gets its name. Given the description, I had expected a bubbling feel. Instead, I noticed a stinging sensation a few seconds after applying the second step. It was moderately strong, but went away after several minutes. Someone with sensitive skin might find it irritating though. (Few things irritate my skin.) Several reviewers on Memebox have already mentioned that they didn’t finish the mask because of the stinging. I left in on the full 20 minutes.


I love the results of this mask! It smoothed my skin so well. I also noticed that my pores weren’t as visible. I didn’t notice any particular moisturization, but it wasn’t drying. It is a great skin softener as well. I kept touching my face for the next few days because my skin just felt so soft. My skin also appeared brighter and more luminous. It did whiten my skin slightly which is something I’m not fond of but will mention regardless. Despite the stinging feel, my skin didn’t have any noticeable irritation or tenderness after use. I’ve included pics before use, immediately after use, and the next morning.

Before Use:

Immediately After Use:

The Next Morning:

Final Thoughts

The Aqua Tok Tok CO² Fresh Mask yielded great results! I’m not entirely sold on it though. The fit was so awful that it took away from the typical pleasure I have with sheet masking. If you’re strictly results oriented, this might not be a problem. The chemical reaction stings; therefore, I wouldn’t at all recommend this for people with sensitive skin. Overall, I’m inclined to pass on repurchasing this one. There are better masks out there. I will keep an eye out for another one with softening and smoothing properties without the drawbacks.

Have you tried the Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok Mask? What did you think? Do you have a favorite skin softening mask? Let me know in the comments! Also, I want to say a quick thank you to anyone who has been sharing my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been getting a few referrer notifications and it really means a lot to me! <3<3<3 To everyone, thanks as always for reading and until next time bisous!








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